Re­turn of Youth­ful Sex­ual Feel­ings De­light­ing Cou­ples of All Ages

Pow­er­ful new sex aid goes where none has gone be­fore – straight to the brain

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SAN FRAN­CISCO — Here’s a ‘be­hind closed doors’ trivia ques­tion: Do you know the #1 com­plaint that pre­vents cou­ples from en­joy­ing a healthy, and ful­fill­ing sex life?

If you guessed erec­tile dys­func­tion, you guessed right.

It is es­ti­mated that 30 mil­lion men, plus their spouses and/or part­ners are af­fected by this de­flat­ing con­di­tion. Bliss-free Bed­room Can you guess the next most com­mon com­plaint that puts the brakes to bliss in the bed­room?

If you guessed loss of sex­ual de­sire, in both men and women, you are cor­rect. These are not easy prob­lems to fix.

For men, doc­tors may rec­om­mend oral drugs or painful, sur­gi­cal im­plants.

For women, hor­monal ther­apy may be rec­om­mended. The First Pill for Men … and Women

Thanks to a stun­ning break­through in nu­tri­tional sci­ence, now there’s a pre­scrip­tion-free dis­cov­ery that not only gives men the vig­or­ous, healthy, nat­u­ral erec­tion they’ve been seek­ing, but it also re-kin­dles and in­ten­si­fies the flames of sex­ual de­sire in both men and women.

It’s called Nox­itril. It’s not a drug, vi­ta­min or min­eral.

It is four, ex­cep­tion­ally pow­er­ful nu­tri­tional sup­ple­ments squeezed into a sin­gle cap­sule. Have Fun Again

Nox­itril safely re­stores sex­ual en­joy­ment and per­for­mance by re­in­forc­ing the four pil­lars of sex­ual re­vi­tal­iza­tion: boost­ing testos­terone; el­e­vat­ing nat­u­ral re­serves of ni­tric ox­ide, or erec­tion fuel; spark­ing sex­ual urges and li­bidi­nous de­sires; and en­er­giz­ing sex­ual en­ergy and vi­tal­ity.

Ask users if Nox­itril works as well as pre­scrip­tion ED drugs, and many may say, “No, it works bet­ter!”

Nox­itril for­mu­la­tors have fast-tracked re­sults with the ad­di­tion of an en­er­giz­ing gin­seng blend and a pro­pri­etary mix of 13 peak-per­for­mance, firestarters in­clud­ing muira puma, catauba, and tribu­lus. The Mir­a­cle of Rapid Tumes­cence

Nox­itril gives men what they, and their lovers want most – rapid tumes­cence ,or fast-de­vel­op­ing erec­tions.

While there are many pre­scrip­tion-sold drugs that boost testos­terone in the body, Nox­itril con­tains one of the only nat­u­ral sources that can con­sis­tently el­e­vate this im­por­tant hor­mone re­quired for sat­is­fy­ing in­ti­macy. Sex­ual Urges Re­turn Nox­itril sci­en­tists have har­nessed unique ex­tracts from the tongkat ali tree in Malaysian rain­forests.

Bio­chem­i­cals in this li­bido­boost­ing botan­i­cal have been shown in re­search to in­crease testos­terone lev­els. Nat­u­ral Testos­terone Rise

Nox­itril locks-in in­stan treadi­ness by help­ing el­e­vate and in­crease nat­u­ral testos­terone pro­duc­tion.

Re­gard­less of age or phys­i­cal health, this nat­u­ral boost in testos­terone en­cour­ages a pow­er­ful sex drive, en­hanced sex­ual func­tion, more sex­ual en­ergy, and a more plea­sur­able sex­ual ex­pe­ri­ence for both sexes. Con­fi­dent Per­for­mance

For Nox­itril user, David P., this pre­scrip­tion-free for­mula has been lifechang­ing.*

“It helped get my con­fi­dence back to where it used to be,” smiles David.

“Nox­itril made me feel ready when the op­por­tu­nity arises and helped me keep my love life ex­cit­ing.” Locked… and Loaded

“I’d rec­om­mend this for guys who may have had any kind of trou­ble in the past and want to en­sure they’ll be ready ev­ery time,” adds


“It’s a def­i­nite con­fi­dence booster and de­creases anx­i­ety, too!”

But for men over the age of 50, in­creas­ing testos­terone is, by it­self, not enough to fully re­store wan­ing sex­ual pow­ers.

Nox­itril not only helps in­crease per­for­mance be­hind closed doors, it can also give men the po­ten­tial to blow the door off its hinges!

The se­cret? Co­pi­ous amounts of… ‘erec­tion fuel.’ Nox­itril Be­gins with ‘NO’

For a man to en­joy a healthy, ro­bust erec­tion, he needs am­ple amounts of a sub­stance called ni­tric ox­ide, or ‘NO.’

When NO lev­els are too low, of­ten age-re­lated, it be­comes phys­i­cally im­pos­si­ble for a man to achieve an erec­tion.

Nox­itril con­tains a fastab­sorb­ing amino acid called L-argi­nine, which is read­ily con­verted to ni­tric ox­ide.

The more L-argi­nine a man con­sumes, the more ni­tric ox­ide he pos­sesses… the more ni­tric ox­ide a man has, the larger and harder his re­sponse. Eye-Pop­ping Dif­fer­ence

Doug. F. is sold on Nox­itril. “I have tried most of these new, nat­u­ral male en­hance­ments; none of them do what Nox­itril does for me.”

“Not only does it work fast, but I can also last for a while. I have rec­om­mended to all my friends who have the same prob­lem.”* Works for Women, Too

Nox­itril is equally ef­fec­tive for men and women. Like Vi­a­gra, argi­nine in Nox­itril helps in­crease blood flow to the gen­i­tal area, po­ten­tially in­creas­ing sen­sa­tion to the sex or­gans and en­hanc­ing the plea­sures of love­mak­ing… for both sexes. Feel the Urge

Nox­itril sparks sex­ual de­sire with a prized ex­tract called Maca.

In one study a whop­ping 60 per­cent of healthy sub­jects ex­pe­ri­enced en­hanced sex­ual sat­is­fac­tion from us­ing this amaz­ing herb. The placebo group’s score was just as sur­pris­ing — zero per­cent!

In an­other study, test sub­jects were asked to con­sume maca, just like that found in Nox­itril, ex­actly one hour be­fore sex­ual ac­tiv­ity.

A full two-thirds of male pa­tients un­ex­pect­edly ex­pe­ri­enced in­creased pe­nile ax­ial rigid­ity, or harder erec­tions.

John M., age 67, says that Nox­itril has made his life so easy. “No more doc­tor’s vis­its, no more pre­scrip­tions, and no more side ef­fects,” laughs John.* Red­wood Syn­drome?

Are you ready to re­con­nect with long-lost sex­ual pow­ers?

Are you pre­pared to ex­pe­ri­ence the ‘rapid growth’ phe­nom­e­non known as the red­wood syn­drome?

Try Nox­itril, risk-free. You won’t be­lieve your eyes!

Now, you can ex­pe­ri­ence the ‘glory days’ of the past, ev­ery night of the week! Get a Free Sup­ply of Nox­itril

Call the toll-free num­ber be­low to see how you can re­serve your free sup­ply of Nox­itril. Try it risk-free. Guar­an­teed to Give You the Re­sults You Want!

Nox­itril is guar­an­teed to safely and ef­fec­tively re­store youth­ful sex­ual vi­tal­ity and en­ergy.

Call the toll-free num­ber be­low. You have noth­ing to lose.

With a 90-day, in­dus­trylead­ing sat­is­fac­tion guar­an­tee, you can ex­pe­ri­ence the long-term re­sults risk-free, too!

Clin­i­cally tested, botan­i­cal firestarters elec­trify body and mind, restor­ing blood flow, cre­at­ing sex­ual de­sire.

Cou­ples of all ages are turn­ing back the clock with an ad­vanced oral for­mula that ig­nites pas­sion and per­for­mance in both men and women

New, four-in-one, nu­tri­tional sup­ple­ment cre­ates ‘red­wood ef­fect’ in ag­ing males.

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