New Al­ter­na­tive to Adult Di­a­pers and Catheters Sets Men Free

‘Su­per-com­fort­able,’ of­fers 24 hour leak-free se­cu­rity, avail­able to many at lit­tle to no out-of-pocket cost!

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If you’re one of the four mil­lion Amer­i­can men who se­cretly wear adult di­a­pers, or use a catheter to deal with your uri­nary in­con­ti­nence or weak blad­der, here’s some life-chang­ing news.

There’s a new non-catheter al­ter­na­tive avail­able that not only helps keep men dry and leak-free for up to 24 con­sec­u­tive hours, but the best part is, if you’re cov­ered by Medi­care, Med­i­caid, Tri­Care, and some se­lect in­sur­ance plans, you can try this high-tech ‘fluid col­lec­tion’ break­through at lit­tle to no out-of-pocket cost.

In­vis­i­ble Un­der Cloth­ing

Men’s Lib­erty is made of a gen­tle, skin-friendly ma­te­rial called hy­dro­col­loid, a med­i­cal­grade ad­he­sive that softly stretches and moves with a man as he changes po­si­tion.

Un­like ab­sorbents that cause di­a­per rash, yeast in­fec­tions, and der­mati­tis,

Men’s Lib­erty at­taches to the tip of a man’s anatomy, di­rect­ing his flow to a dis­creet col­lec­tion pouch.

It’s com­fort­able, un­no­tice­able to oth­ers, and se­cure.

It’s this trusted sense of se­cu­rity that as­sis­tant reg­is­tered nurse and care­giver, Mark Na­gle, NAR, calls, “won­der­ful.”


“It doesn’t cause skin ir­ri­ta­tion, and my pa­tients never have to worry about red spots or sores. My pa­tient doesn’t wear dis­pos­able briefs any­more, and I am happy to re­port that we al­ways have a dry bed and a dry pair of pants.”

For John C., Men’s Lib­erty is a “life­saver.”

Care­free Com­fort

For years, John dealt with uri­nary in­con­ti­nence by wear­ing an in­dwelling catheter.

When he dis­cov­ered Men’s Lib­erty, his life changed. “It’s al­lowed me to main­tain my lifestyle with my work and my fam­ily.”

Death of Di­a­pers?

Will this uri­nary break-through sink the $7 bil­lion adult di­a­per in­dus­try?

Many ex­perts think so. Be­cause adult di­a­pers are not cov­ered by Medi­care, the es­ti­mated four mil­lion men who use them daily pay as much as $300 a month in out of pocket costs.

Tuc­son res­i­dent, Sam T., wore them for years. “I re­mem­ber the con­tin­ued mois­ture in my crotch would give me a yeast in­fec­tion, not a good thing,” he says.

Sam wore four or five ab­sorbents dur­ing the day, and two or three at night. “All of that went away when I found Men’s Lib­erty,” he smiles.

En­joy Life Again

“I can wear Men’s Lib­erty for 24 hours with min­i­mal in­ter­rup­tion,” says Sam, “even af­ter drink­ing cof­fee!”

“Movies, meet­ings and so­cial af­fairs are all pos­si­ble now. Our grand­daugh­ter grad­u­ated with hon­ors from high school last week,” says the beam­ing grand­fa­ther. “I sat be­side my wife, ap­plaud­ing!”

Dur­ing the siz­zling hot Ari­zona sum­mers, you’ll al­ways find Sam in a pair of cargo shorts.

“I buy my shorts with an 11-inch in­seam, which is per­fect for Men’s Lib­erty,” he says.

Dis­creet and Un­no­ticed

“The drain noz­zle is hid­den right above the hem­line. So, I can stand at the uri­nal, like other guys, and dis­creetly drain the pouch, and no one no­tices a thing. In ten sec­onds, I’m good to go!”

Man­ag­ing uri­nary in­con­ti­nence in a med­i­cal set­ting can be chal­leng­ing.

Uri­nary tract in­fec­tions (UTIs) are fre­quently caused by catheter use. If un­treated, UTIs can cause a sec­ondary in­fec­tion, of­ten re­sult­ing in hospi­tal­iza­tion.

That’s why Men’s Lib­erty is rec­om­mended by lead­ing health­care pro­fes­sion­als.

Doc­tor’s Choice

Urol­o­gist Alden Cock­burn, MD, has per­son­ally tried Men’s Lib­erty and now recommends it to his pa­tients.

“I tried it my­self dur­ing one of the test­ing phases and it’s very com­fort­able; cer­tainly, more com­fort­able than the al­ter­na­tives,” he says.

“It al­lows men to have free­dom of move­ment.”

“I think Lib­erty is a good name be­cause it does af­ford men the lib­erty of a lifestyle that was not af­forded to them be­fore.”

When you feel in con­trol of your sense of well-be­ing,” adds Dr. Cock­burn, “you feel more able to ac­com­plish tasks that you pre­vi­ously wanted to by­pass.”

“The feel­ing of not want­ing to as­so­ciate with oth­ers be­cause you fear loss of con­trol, or fear what oth­ers might think of you, goes away.”

“I think that Lib­erty is well named in that it lib­er­ates the in­di­vid­ual to a sense of be­ing able to per­form nor­mal tasks in a nor­mal way.”

A Grand Ex­per­i­ment

Cu­ri­ous Sam T. in Tuc­son wanted to see how much liq­uid Men’s Lib­erty would hold.

“I can’t claim to be an ex­pert re­search an­a­lyst,” laughs Sam, “but here is what I learned.”

Sam first filled a fresh Lib­erty unit with wa­ter and learned that it se­curely held one full cup. On the top of his shelf, Sam found a few pairs of dis­pos­able briefs with built-in ab­sorbent pads.

To his sur­prise, these held a whop­ping two cups of liq­uid, which may not be help­ful, ac­cord­ing to Sam.

“I saw an ad on the in­ter­net,” says Sam, “that showed some guy wear­ing these briefs, walk­ing around with a big smile on his face.”

“I thought to my­self, yeah... if I had two cups of urine slosh­ing around my crotch, I wouldn’t be smil­ing, and I would sure be walk­ing ‘funny.’”

“Also,” says Sam, “the slight­est pres­sure on an ab­sorbent will cause it to leak.

Men’s Lib­erty doesn’t leak and sure won’t cause “funny” walk­ing,” he says.

Four Mil­lion Used!

More than 4 mil­lion Men’s Lib­erty units have been used, with ZERO at­trib­ut­able UTIs or se­ri­ous skin in­juries.

That comes as no sur­prise to the thou­sands of health­care pro­fes­sion­als who rec­om­mend Men’s Lib­erty ev­ery­day.

Dr. Fer­nando Borges. “I rec­om­mend Men’s Lib­erty to pa­tients with uri­nary in­con­ti­nence be­cause of the low in­ci­dents of trauma, ero­sion, and in­fec­tion.”

Cov­ered by Medi­care

Men’s Lib­erty is cov­ered by Medi­care, Med­i­caid, Tri­Care, and over 3,000 in­sur­ance plans. Com­pared to pay­ing over $300 a month for di­a­pers, you could be getting Men’s Lib­erty for lit­tle or no out-of- pocket cost!

The Men’s Lib­erty Team will take care of con­tact­ing your doc­tor and all the pa­per­work for your in­sur­ance. No over­whelm­ing in­sur­ance forms... it’s that easy!

Free Week’s Sup­ply

Get your in­sur­ance card and call 1-800-4844613 or visit www.StartMen­sLib­ to get started to­day. Get a Free Week’s Sup­ply with your first or­der! Just men­tion code ATC0204 to re­ceive this spe­cial of­fer.

Start en­joy­ing life again with a sin­gle phone call. With Men’s Lib­erty, you are free to go... any­time, any­where.

The $7B adult di­a­per in­dus­try is fac­ing a cat­a­strophic drop in rev­enue thanks to a revo­lu­tion­ary de­vel­op­ment in men’s uro­log­i­cal care.

“The most de­grad­ing thing that my hus­band can think of is be­ing in a di­a­per,” says Tina J. “Men’s Lib­erty to the res­cue. We at­tended our grand­daugh­ter’s grad­u­a­tion in com­fort and with­out the fear. You couldn’t tell he had it on, which was a big con­cern for him.”

Long-haul truck driv­ers like Wayne J. rely on Men’s Lib­erty be­tween rest stops.

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