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Bucs QB Brady explains what he was thinking before his risky toss


Slowly and increasing­ly vividly, the memories of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Super Bowl boat parade are coming into focus, particular­ly the moment when the tequila-sodden quarterbac­k reared back and heaved the Lombardi Trophy — the Lombardi Trophy — across the water.

The moment, captured on endless-loop social media, is one Brady admitted on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” he “doesn’t remember that quite as well” as the rest of the universe.

“First of all, I was not thinking at that moment,” Brady said with a laugh.“it was not a thought. It was, ‘This seems really fun to do.’ Not to mention, when you get your hands on one of those trophies, there’s a lot of really sharp edges on the bottom, where the stand is. I found out later, had that been an incomplete pass, that would have went down like 80 feet [into the Hillsborou­gh River]. I’m so happy that [tight end] Cam [Brate caught it].”

At least he had the sense to heave it toward a boat occupied by receivers. The best part of the video, though, may have been the reasoned shout by his daughter, Vivi, just before he uncorked the pass.

“That’s my little 8-year-old daughter, ‘Daddy, no’,” Brady said. “Who could imagine that an 8-year-old girl would have the most sense of anybody in that whole area? I mean, she’s the voice of reason. Go figure.”

In another viral video of the parade, Brady wobbled onto terra firma from his boat, a consequenc­e of tequila, the hot Florida sun and deficient sea legs. Also, tequila.

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