Shed, garage bur­glary pre­ven­tion tips from Bal­ti­more County PD

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One very com­mon form of home bur­glary is from open garage doors or garage doors that are ac­cessed us­ing a stolen garage door opener. Most home­own­ers fail to re­al­ize that many thieves drive around look­ing for open garage doors from which they can help them­selves to the con­tents.

Al­ways keep your garage door closed, even if you are only away from the garage for a few min­utes. Many peo­ple think they don’t have to worry about thieves in their neigh­bor­hood be­cause it’s a safe neigh­bor­hood, but that’s ex­actly where thieves go to steal.

The fol­low­ing are mea­sures that can be taken to pro­tect your garage and shed:

• Use a good lock on ALL shed and garage doors.

• Lock win­dows and use blinds to con­ceal items in­side.

• Mark all prop­erty, in­clud­ing lawn­mow­ers, gen­er­a­tors, bikes, snow blow­ers, saws, leaf blow­ers, weed eaters, power tools etc. with your driver’s li­cense num­ber and state ab­bre­vi­a­tion.

• Se­cure items such as lawn­mow­ers, gen­er­a­tors, snow blow­ers and bi­cy­cles to fixed ob­jects us­ing a good chain/ca­ble and pad lock.

• Don’t leave the garage re­mote at­tached to the vi­sor in your ve­hi­cle. Ei­ther lock the re­mote in a se­cure place such as the glove box or in­vest in a re­mote you can at­tach to your key ring.

• Frost or cover your garage win­dows — Don’t do thieves any fa­vors by en­abling them to see when your ve­hi­cle is gone, a bet­ter idea would be to re­place the door with one that lacks win­dows.

• Keep a writ­ten copy of ALL se­rial num­bers of prop­erty stored in sheds & garages.

• Home­own­ers who of­ten for­get to shut their garage door should con­sider pur­chas­ing an “open garage door in­di­ca­tor” that alerts them when the garage door has been left open. Also, some garage door man­u­fac­tur­ers have an au­to­matic sys­tem that rec­og­nizes when a garage door has been left open and will close it af­ter a spec­i­fied pe­riod of time.

• Make sure that fences, gates & sheds are se­cure and closed, even when work­ing in the front yard. It only takes a few sec­onds for thieves to re­move prop­erty from a stor­age area while you are work­ing in the front of the yard.

• The door lead­ing from the garage to the house should be a solid wood/ metal door and have a good qual­ity dead­bolt lock. This door should be kept locked when not at home or work­ing in the back yard.

• In­stall mo­tion sen­sor lights on sheds and garages.

• Keep bushes/trees around garage and sheds pruned to im­prove nat­u­ral sur veil­lance.

• Start a Neigh­bor­hood Watch in your com­mu­nity. When cit­i­zens take pos­i­tive steps by learn­ing how to re­port sus­pi­cious ac­tiv­i­ties around their homes, they are help­ing them­selves as well as their neigh­bors.

For ques­tions, con­cerns or ad­di­tional information con­tact your precincts Com­mu­nity Out­reach Team, or the Bal­ti­more County Po­lice Depart­ment’s Com­mu­nity Ser­vices Sec­tion, De­tec­tive Bryan Di­etsch at 410-887-5901.

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