Crime Alert: Mo­tor ve­hi­cle thefts in the White Marsh precinct on the rise

The Avenue News - - EDITORIAL -

The White Marsh Precinct has ex­pe­ri­enced an uptick in the num­ber of auto thefts dur­ing the month of De­cem­ber, mostly overnight and in the early morn­ing hours as peo­ple are leav­ing for work. The ma­jor­ity of these ve­hi­cles were left un­locked, left with keys hid­den in­side the ve­hi­cle, or left run­ning unat­tended or “warm­ing up.”

Bal­ti­more County Po­lice re­mind res­i­dents to keep ve­hi­cle doors locked at all times, never to store spare keys to any ve­hi­cle in­side a ve­hi­cle, al­ways keep your garage door opener in­side your home with your ve­hi­cle keys to pre­vent a bur­glary, and never leave your ve­hi­cle unat­tended with the mo­tor run­ning or “warm­ing up” on the street or in your drive­way.

Ac­cord­ing to an ar­ti­cle on Ac­ ex­perts in the au­to­mo­tive field in­di­cate that mod­ern cars do not ac­tu­ally need to be “warmed up” the way that older cars uti­liz­ing a car­bu­re­tor needed to be. Mod­ern cars, most ve­hi­cles made af­ter 1995, uti­lize fuel in­jec­tion rather than a car­bu­re­tor, elim­i­nat­ing the need to warm up the ve­hi­cle be­fore driv­ing away.

Pen­zoil’s Tech­ni­cal Ad­vi­sor, Shanna Sim­mons, says that it is a myth that en­gines need to idle on a cold win­ter day in or­der to warm up the oil and pre­vent en­gine dam­age.

“While it does take longer for mo­tor oil to pump in ex­treme cold tem­per­a­tures, we are talk­ing mil­lisec­onds, not min­utes,” she said. “Your en­gine will warm up the oil much faster when driv­ing at full speed – not to men­tion idling wastes gas.”

So skip the warm-up and save your­self the headache of hav­ing your car stolen right from your drive­way and hav­ing your in­sur­ance rates rise. Your en­gine will “warmup” in the time it takes you to buckle up your seat belt, and you’ll save your­self money on gas as an added bonus!

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