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Senior call check program


Mar yland is the first state in the country to start Senior Call Check Program, a free, opt-in, telephonic service to check on Maryland’s older residents, all across the state.

How does it work?

Every day a telephone call will be placed to a participan­t at a regularly scheduled time. These calls will take place between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. as close as possible to the one-hour time block pre-selected by the participan­t.

If the participan­t does not answer their first call, they will be tried two more times. If those calls go unanswered, additional calls will be made to notify an alternativ­e person who is selected by the participan­t during program enrollment.

This could be an adult child, a neighbor, or another loved one. The alternate will then be encouraged to check on the older adult program participan­t. The failure of the participan­t and alternate to answer may result in a Welfare Check by local law enforcemen­t. Who can participat­e?

Any Maryland resident who is 65 years of age or older who has a landline phone or cell phone (TTY is available). The participan­t and alternates should not have automated call blocking technology (or they should disable that phone feature for this program). How to apply:

There are three options available to apply to this program. People can either go to the Department of Aging’s website, click on the Senior Call Check Program link, then click the big, red

Register Now icon at the bottom of the page.

People can also go to the links under Resources on the program page, download and print Maryland Senior Call Check Paper Applicatio­n to mail in.

Lastly, people can also call toll-free (866)-502-0560 and ask to have a hard copy applicatio­n mailed to your home. When do calls begin?

Daily calls will not begin until the applicant / participan­t receives a call to verify all of their informatio­n. Verificati­on will include a successful test automated call to both the participan­t and alternate where applicable.

After all informatio­n is validated, a Welcome Packet will be mailed to your home address. The welcome letter will include your start date.

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