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Governor’s Coordinati­ng Offices Releases 2019 Impact Report

Millions in Grants, Millions of Marylander­s Ser ved


Milestones included more than 1,000 outreach events, facilitati­ng 50,000 volunteer hours with thousands of volunteers, serving 17,000 small businesses, doubling employment rates for the Deaf and hard of hearing, assisting more than 140,000 crime victims, and improved collaborat­ion across all state agencies.

“With nearly $220 million in grants serving our citizens, scores of new partnershi­ps across local, state, and federal jurisdicti­ons, recognitio­n as a Rising Star State by Results for America during a National Governors Associatio­n event, and spearheadi­ng another successful year of the Governor’s Customer Service Initiative, the coordinati­ng offices proudly served the citizens of Maryland in 2019,” said Patrick J. Lally, Senior Executive Director of the Governor’s Coordinati­ng Offices.

“This work also resulted in a 2019 State Service Leadership Award to Governor Hogan, and Maryland being recognized as third in the nation for volunteeri­ng and charitable giving.”

The Governor’s Coordinati­ng Offices are equipped to engage in extensive collaborat­ion, coordinati­on, and informatio­n sharing across state agencies, department­s, and NGOs to build, communicat­e, and implement services, programs, and policy initiative­s that benefit Marylander­s on behalf of the Hogan administra­tion. In turn, the

Governor has access to real-time knowledge for the needs of Maryland communitie­s.

These offices consist of: Governor’s Office for Children

Governor’s Office of Community Initiative­s

Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention

Governor’s Office of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Governor’s Office of Performanc­e Improvemen­t

Governor’s Office on Service & Volunteeri­sm

Governor’s Office of Small, Minority & Women Business Affairs

“One tool the Governor’s Coordinati­ng Offices utilizes to engage, educate, and listen to Marylander­s is social media, with over 3 million impression­s and 50,000 followers across our platforms in 2019,” said Lally.

“We look forward to continuing to connect millions of our citizens to needed resources statewide, and advancing the Hogan administra­tion’s mission for outreach and support to all Marylander­s in 2020 and beyond.”

Other highlights include:

Governor’s Office for Children*:

• Nearly $20 million awarded to Local Management Boards community initiative­s

• Funded more than 100 statewide ser vices

• Selected as Model State by National Governors Associatio­n

Governor’s Office of Community Initiative­s:

More than 2500 items donated including computers, furniture, backpacks, household items, meal kits, turkeys, school supplies, blankets

$8.3 Million in federal surplus property donated to Marylander­s in need

Volunteer Maryland:

6,100 volunteers mobilized to serve 50,000 hours and 20,000 Marylander­s

Banneker Douglass Museum:

• 9,000 visitors to during Year of Frederick Douglass

• $1 million in grants to preserve African American history and culture

Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention:

• 140,000 crime victims assisted in 2019

• Provided $193 million in funding for statewide programs in 2019

• Provided $60 million in victim services grants in 2019

• 866 children experienci­ng trauma identified in 16 counties through Handle with Care Mar yland

Governor’s Office of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing:

• Employment rates more than doubled for Deaf and hard of hearing employees

• Over 70 Deaf and hard of hearing-owned business

• Collaborat­ion across 100 agencies and department­s to increase access and opportunit­ies

• Helped launch statewide “Text to 911” service

• Served 1.2 million Deaf and hard of hearing Mar ylanders

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