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- — Heloise

Dear Readers:

Today’s Sound Off focuses on destinatio­n weddings.

Dear Heloise:


My niece decided to have a destinatio­n wedding in Hawaii in late July.

We all live in Ohio, so naturally, Hawaii is a long way off for everyone in her family. She sent out 112 invitation­s, and only seven people responded that they would be attending. Of the seven who said they’d go, two have backed out already.

Yes, my niece is very disappoint­ed, but I think destinatio­n weddings are absurd. If the bride and groom want to get married


in Hawaii, that’s fine, but she seems selfish and inconsider­ate to expect other people to pay for tickets, hotels, meals, wedding gifts and other items.

When the three girls my niece wanted as bridesmaid­s said that they couldn’t afford it, she told them to put the trip and bridesmaid gowns on a credit card or take out a loan! Then, she pitched a fit when they refused, but now, her three closest friends aren’t even speaking to her. The groom’s parents aren’t going because they are helping two of their other children with college tuition and can’t afford the trip. My husband and I are not going for health reasons.

What is it with destinatio­n weddings? I don’t care if the bride and groom want to get married on surfboards in Bora Bora! Just don’t expect other people to pay for an expensive trip to see your wedding. Money is tight for many right now.

— Patsy And Earl, Findley, Ohio

Patsy and Earl, maybe the couple getting married should go to Hawaii and have their wedding, then come back and have a big party where people can get together and help them celebrate. Destinatio­n weddings are a trend right now, but it will be interestin­g to see if it continues to be a popular idea.

Dear Heloise:

— Heloise

I read your column daily in the Ventura Star Newspaper and have for many years. I believe I have a hint that I’ve never seen in your column before.

If you find that your mascara is almost empty when you need to use it, add a couple drops of water or eye-drop solution inside the container and stir with the brush applicator. You can get several more uses out of your tube of mascara.

— Aleta T., Camarillo, California

Dear Heloise: I was told distilled water was not good for consumptio­n. Is that correct?

— Rose H., The Villages, Florida

Rose, it’s safe. In fact, distillati­on purifies by evaporatio­n.

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