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Dear Heloise: Now that summer is looming in front of us, certainly many people, like me, are beginning to take their plastic yard furniture out of winter storage.

I am always shocked to see them covered with stains, dirt and white streaks that are nearly impossible to scrub off. So, three years ago, I decided to try a painting experiment. I took a green chair to a paint store and requested a pint of water-based green exterior house paint to match the color. They had no hesitation in filling my request.

Then, I went home and cleaned the surface dust and grime off with a damp rag. With a protective tarp spread out, I proceeded to cover the whole chair with a brush and green paint. It looked spectacula­r! The next day, I began testing the results, and my hopes were fulfilled. The chair was just great, and I have been using it ever since.

The chair now has stood through four years of winter weather and summer heat, and it still looks good. This year, I am finally inspired to paint my other pieces of lawn furniture. But, this time, I will use a small roller brush first, then go back and cover the missed spots with a regular paintbrush. If you want to try this for yourself, remember to get water-based exterior house paint. I am hoping that this informatio­n will result in thousands of fewer plastic chairs in the landfills across the country.

— Priscilla Zanni, Vancouver,


Dear Heloise: To anyone who wants to journal about all their vacations and travels, buy postcards and journal on the back of the postcard! Postcards are like a snapshot in time of your experience. What a tangible

CONSUMERS memory. — Marilyn, Poland, Ohio

Dear Heloise:

I am writing about the advice given by Tom, in Ohio, in a recent column about stashing valuables in the trunk of your car.

Yes, if you can’t avoid it, it is important that your purse, laptop or other valuables are locked and hidden from view in the trunk. After decades of experience, if you can’t leave your valuables at home, my advice is to lock your valuables in the trunk — but before you arrive at your destinatio­n.

Criminals watch people lock backpacks, notebooks and other items in their trunks after they arrive at a beach or a restaurant. The criminals know that you will be away from the car for a period of time, and they take those opportunit­ies to break into the trunk. So, pull over at a safe place and store your valuables in the trunk before you park at your destinatio­n. Thanks.

 ?? ??

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