The Beaufort Gazette (Sunday) - - Puzzles - By Bobby Wolf Dist. by An­drews McMeel for UFS

Dear Mr. Wolff: I know you aren’t the big­gest fan of Key-card Black­wood, but if you ask for key-cards, then for the trump queen, what re­sponses should you use to that sec­ond ask? — Pri­vate Eye, San Luis Obispo, Calif. AN­SWER: Use a sig­noff in the trump suit as deny­ing the trump queen. Other calls show it, and you cue-bid a side-suit king if you can, or jump in the trump suit if you can­not. Ad­di­tion­ally, one can agree that when you have the trump queen and two side kings, you cue-bid the king you don’t have.

Dear Mr. Wolff: I opened one di­a­mond with this hand: SPADES A Q 3, HEARTS10 5 3- 2, DIAMONDSA Q 7 4, CLUBSQ 3. I raised the one-spade re­sponse to two (do you agree?), and then heard­my­part­ner bid three clubs. What should I have done next? — Bell, Book and Can­dle, Sitka, Alaska AN­SWER: Yes, I would raise to two spades, though many would pre­fer a one-no-trump re­bid. At your third turn, you do have a max­i­mum, but it is not clear where you be­long. A tem­po­riz­ing call of three hearts may get you to three no-trump, if that is ap­pro­pri­ate. If your part­ner bids three spades, you will have to de­cide whether to ad­vance, and if so, how. I think a de­layed three-no-trump call would be rea­son­able.

Dear Mr. Wolff: I picked up SPADESA 10 2, HEARTSK 10 9 5, DIAMONDSJ 9 7 4 3,

CLUBSKand passed in irst seat. Whenmy part­ner opened one club and the next hand over­called one spade, I could make a neg­a­tive dou­ble. But what is the right way to con­tinue overmy part­ner’s re­bid of two hearts? — Mashed Pota­toes, Eau Claire, Wis. AN­SWER: This is an auc­tion where your part­ner will al­most al­ways de­liver four hearts but be in the

12 14 range. So you are likely to have an eight­card it with no val­ues to spare for game. Does that mean you should pass— given that you do have an ab­so­lute max­i­mum in high cards? I’m not sure. With your part­ner in third seat, you are on the cusp for a three-heart call. I think I’d pass, but if that sin­gle­ton king were in a long suit, I’d bid.

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