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How to find the right wedding reception venue


Every decision engaged couples make in regard to their weddings is significan­t, but some may affect the day more than others.

Perhaps no decision will help couples set the tone they hope to establish more than their choice of reception venue.

Reception venues are where couples and their guests will spend the vast majority of their time on the wedding day, which is why choice of venue bears such significan­ce.

With that in mind, couples can consider these tips as they look for the perfect place to host their receptions.

Decide what you want out of a venue

Prospectiv­e brides and grooms may have vastly different ideas regarding how they want their weddings to go, and it’s imperative that couples discuss their ideal weddings prior to looking for a venue.

Do you want to get married in a place of worship? Or do you prefer a venue that can host both the ceremony and reception?

Do you want an indoor, outdoor or hybrid ceremony and reception?

Define what you both want before looking for a venue and make the necessary concession­s if you have different ideas in mind.

Consider picking a venue before setting a date

It can be wise to pick a reception venue first and then choose your wedding date based on the availabili­ty of the venue.

This is especially important for couples who already have an ideal venue in mind, and it also provides some flexibilit­y as couples search for the venue.

For example, couples working within a strict budget may not be able to afford a preferred venue during the height of wedding season, but that venue could be less costly during slower times of year.

By waiting to pick a date until you’ve chosen a venue, you’re increasing your options.

Consider your guests

Though couples, particular­ly those footing the bill on their own, should prioritize their desires when choosing a reception, it’s important they also consider their guests before making a final decision.

A venue that’s accessible and located near transit hubs like airports and train stations will increase the likelihood that more people can attend.

In addition, if children will be invited, a venue that includes family restrooms, including at least one with a changing table, can make parents’ nights much easier.

Consider your budget

The Knot 2021 Real Weddings Study found that couples typically spend around 30% of their overall budget on the venue, which makes this decision the biggest one in terms of the financial commitment­s a couple will have to make.

Couples may be tempted to choose an awe-inspiring, costly venue for their reception, but they should consider how devoting so much of their budget to the venue will affect the rest of their big day.

The best reception venue might be one that won’t eat up too much of your budget.

Consider the package

Venues vary in terms of their reception packages.

Some may offer catering, including beverages, with each of their packages, while food and beverage might not be part of other venues’ offerings.

If you find a venue you love, but it doesn’t offer catering services, seek estimates from area caterers to determine how much it will cost to feed and serve your guests.

Many couples find it more convenient and less stressful to pick a venue that offers on-site catering, though plenty of others have had no trouble after choosing a venue and separate caterer.

 ?? METRO CREATIVE ?? The bulk of a couple’s wedding day and night will be spent at the reception, making choice of venue one of the more fun and important decisions they’ll have to make.
METRO CREATIVE The bulk of a couple’s wedding day and night will be spent at the reception, making choice of venue one of the more fun and important decisions they’ll have to make.

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