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Spring cleaning tips and tricks

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Spring is a time of year when change is in the air.

Trees are budding, plants are flowering and homes are laden with dark or heavy fabrics and clutter could use some lightening up.

Spring cleaning projects are popular this time of year as residents take inventory of their living spaces and aim to declutter, clean and increase efficiency.

Some people find the prospect of getting organized overwhelmi­ng. Here are some tips that can help anyone master spring cleaning.

Create a plan

Make a checklist and establish a cleaning plan of attack.

Focus on areas that are not regularly cleaned, as they probably need a little attention.

Assemble your cleaning kit

Spring cleaning can be slowed down considerab­ly if you don’t have all of your equipment at the ready.

Items to have on hand include an all-purpose cleaner, concentrat­ed cleaner, microfiber cloths, paper towels, mop, vacuum, dusters and a squeegee.

Adjust your equipment based on the task at hand.

Curate your cleaning playlist

Create a playlist with songs that will get you moving and motivated to clean.

Work from top to bottom

Work efficientl­y by cleaning shelves, ceiling fans and other elevated items first, as dust and debris will trickle down and need to be cleaned next.

Purchase or rent a carpet cleaner

According to the experts at Clean That Up, carpets help filter indoor air by trapping debris and allergens.

By deep cleaning carpets, homeowners can improve the indoor air quality of their homes. Use a carpet cleaner on a warm, dry day so that windows can be opened and cross breezes will help dry the damp rug.

Clean windows

Wash windows inside and out and utilize their screens to help brighten indoors spaces.

Deep clean the kitchen

Clean out and disinfect the refrigerat­or by wiping it down with warm water and baking soda or a vinegar-and-water solution.

While in the kitchen, set the oven to the self-clean function so it becomes cleaner as well.

Homeowners also can focus on cleaning curtains (including shower curtains), steam-cleaning upholstery, removing clutter from closets, cleaning out the dryer vent and duct tubing, wiping inside kitchen drawers and vacuuming under beds and other furniture.

 ?? METRO CREATIVE ?? Spring cleaning can bring the revitalizi­ng nature of this beloved time of year into your home.
METRO CREATIVE Spring cleaning can bring the revitalizi­ng nature of this beloved time of year into your home.

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