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True. The poin­set­tia scare was a myth; they’re not edible but safe to have in the house. Lilies are in­deed toxic to cats. 2. True. 3. True. 4. False. If you see a blue poin­set­tia it was painted! 5. True, the col­ored “leaves” or “flow­ers” are re­ally bracts. 6. False. Fraser and Dou­glas firs have long taken top hon­ors. It’s true that Scots pines are not Scotch. 7. False. It started in Ger­many, and was later pop­u­lar­ized in Vic­to­rian Eng­land. 8. False. Smells like tan­ger­ines. 9. True. We have lots of fresh cut and lo­cally grown trees. See christ­mas­ 10. False. Please – keep it cool, away from heaters, and keep re­fresh­ing that wa­ter. 11. True. 12. True. 13. False. Don’t hit them. Forc­ing means putting bulbs through a cold pe­riod and then in­tro­duc­ing them to heat and light, at a time that’s dif­fer­ent than their nat­u­ral cy­cle. It’s done for flower shows or to have in­door bulbs bloom­ing. 14. False. Lower the ther­mo­stat and raise the hu­mid­ity. Heat and dry­ness are dam­ag­ing. 15. True. If you have pets, see the many web­sites with warn­ings about toxic prod­ucts and plants. 16. True. I have a 6-foot Nor­folk that started at 6 inches, and now it dou­bles as a Christ­mas tree. 17. False. They are very fussy about wa­ter­ing, need­ing reg­u­lar mois­ture but must never stand in wa­ter; they like cool con­di­tions too. 18. False. They may be­come hardy shrubs, but they are prob­a­bly not bud-hardy in WNY and usu­ally will not flower well for you. Con­sider them lovely gift plants. 19. True. Syn­then­tic trees come from China mostly, are not en­vi­ron­men­tally friendly at all, end­ing up in land­fills. Sup­port Christ­mas tree farm­ing. It’s good use of land. 20. True. Great in damp lo­ca­tions. 21. Ch­est­nuts (not horse ch­est­nuts). 22. Boughs of holly. 23. Mistle­toe. 24. Un­der­neath the mistle­toe, but I rec­om­mend ar­ti­fi­cial ones – watch out for poi­sonous berries.

Plum pud­ding, yum.


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