The Buffalo News : 2019-02-11

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A10 The Buffalo News/Monday, February 11, 2019 The Buffalo News Opinion Warren E. Buffett Warren T. Colville Chairman Publisher and President Michael K. Connelly Kevin S. Walter Editor and Vice President Editorial Page Editor past publishers Founder 1880-1914 • Publisher 1956-1971 • Publisher 1974-1983 • Publisher 1912-1956 Publisher 1971-1974 Publisher 1983-2012 EDWARD H. BUTLER, JAMES H. RIGHTER, EDWARD H. BUTLER, JR., MRS. EDWARD H. BUTLER, HENRY Z. URBAN, STANFORD LIPSEY, news business SHAWN BUFFUM VP, Marketing and Digital Advertising MARGARET KENNY GIANCOLA BRYAN J. DONOHUE Senior VP BRIAN J. CONNOLLY Deputy Managing Editor PHILLIP T. CATANESE VP, Innovation and Business Development, Publisher of Community Papers VP, Corporate Relations DENISE JEWELL GEE Assistant Managing Editor WARREN TODD COLVILLE VP, Sales DAVID J. ADKINS II VP, Technology My View is a first-person column open to all Western New Yorkers. If your article is selected for publication, a photo of you is required. Email submissions to [email protected] Editorial Board The editorials on this page represent the opinion of The Buffalo News editorial board. Members are Publisher and President Warren T. Colville; Editor Michael K. Connelly; Editorial Page Editor Kevin S. Walter; and editorial writers Dawn Marie Bracely and Greg Connors. Another Voice is an issues-oriented column that appears on the editorial page each day. Writers must have some background or expertise on the topic about which they are writing. Submissions should be about 480 words. Email submissions to [email protected]

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