The Buffalo News : 2019-02-11

WEATHER : 30 : C12


C12 The Buffalo News/Monday, February 11, 2019 Weather WNY Forecast 24-hour forecast and RealFeel temperatures Seven-day forecast for metro Buffalo Forecasts and graphics provided by AccuWeather, Inc. ©2019 Clouds and breaks of sun today. High 29. Becoming cloudy tonight with some snow; a small accumulation is possible in places; untreated surfaces will be slippery. Low 21. Rain, freezing on surfaces tomorrow. High 36. Wednesday: morning flurries. Today Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 6AM 9AM NOON 3PM 6PM 9PM 12AM 3AM 6AM 24° 25° 27° 27° 24° 23° 23° 23° 24° 14° 12° 14° 14° 8° 7° 8° 7° 6° Snow arriving late night Rain, ice; snow at night Morning flurries; colder Snow possible in the a.m. Chance for snow showers A little snow at times Cloudy 36° 29° 31° 24° 38° 33° 43° 30° 32° 17° 24° 13° 29° 21° High: Low: High: Low: High: Low: High: Low: High: Low: High: Low: High: Low: Temperature RealFeel Temperature® (Shown is highest value of the day) The exclusive AccuWeather composite index of effective temperature based on eight weather factors. - RealFeel Temp Area almanac REGIONAL WEATHER MONDAY, FEB. 11 National weather Monday, Feb. 11 Buffalo through 8 p.m. yesterday Temperatures are today’s highs and tonight’s lows. -10s Seattle 39/34 Temperature: -0s High/low 26°/13° 0s Normal high/low 32°/19° 10s Billings Minneapolis 27/23 Record high 57°/1965 25/9 Record low -13°/1912 20s Detroit Concord 33/27 Toronto Rochester Last year’s high/low 30°/26° 30s 31/7 New York 38/28 San 54/42 Francisco Chicago 33/30 Growing degree days - season 3168 26/17 28/20 40s Heating degree days yest. 45 Washington 50s Kansas City 41/36 Denver Precipitation: 37/27 Buffalo 35/18 60s Syracuse 24 hrs ending 8 p.m. yest. Trace Albany 70s Lo s Ange les 29/21 Month to date 1.06” 59/43 Detroit 30/15 Boston 80s 31/13 Jamestown Normal month to date 0.88” Atlanta 61/56 El Paso 58/29 33/27 90s Year to date 6.77” 35/21 33/25 Erie Normal year to date 4.06” 100s Hartford Providence 110s Sunshine Today: 33/30 Cleveland Houston Fairbanks 25/20 74/52 Total possible 10 hours, 22 minutes Miami 82/73 38/20 36/17 36/33 Honolulu 78/64 Winds: New York Anchorage 29/26 Juneau 29/15 Today ENE 10 to 20 Hilo 78/63 Pittsburgh 38/28 Air Quality Index Philadelphia 37/34 Shown are noon positions of weather systems. Temperatures are highs for the day. Columbus 39/32 Today’s forecast Yesterday Cincinnati 40/37 Atlantic City Good Moderate Unhealthy High Low Pressure Pressure Showers Thunder- Rain storms Flurries Snow Ice Cold Front Warm Front Stationary Front 41/39 Washington 38/34 0 50 100 150 41/36 Yesterday’s main offender: National cities High: Sarasota, FL, 85° Low: Kabetogama, MN, -41° particulates, 43 Richmond 47/45 Charleston Source: NYSDEC Tuesday Wednesday Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W Tuesday Wednesday Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W 42/39 Ski Conditions City City Regional forecasts Louisville 57/29/ r 47 /39/s Anchorag Atlanta Atlantic Birmingham e 37 /17/p c 22 /6/pc Bristol Mountain. 0new,12to48 base, Machine groomed, 34 trails 0new,24to36 base, Variable conditions, 35 trails 0 new, 17 to 46 base, Machine groomed, 44 trails 0new,24to48 base, Machine groomed, 46 trails 0new,5to56base, Machine groomed, 3 trails 0new,24to40base, Loose granular, 26 trails 0 new, 28 to 28 base, Machine groomed, 16 trails Miami 81/67/sh 76/64/sh 67/37/r 58/36/s Tuesday Wednesday Tuesday Wednesday Tuesday Wednesday Milwaukee 29/19/pc 33/20/sn City 45/42 /i 46/31/pc Buffalo Ski Club. Minneapolis 26/4/sn 17/4/c 65/36/r 59/40/s City Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W City Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W City Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W Nashville 61/33/ r 56 /42/s Boston 32/30/ sn 46/30/c Holiday Valley. Port Colborne 34/27/sn 29/24/sn Geneseo 36/30/sn 35/25/sf Albany Batavia 26/24/ sn 36/25/c New Orleans 67/47/r 64/50/s Charleston, SC 77/45/sh 64/38/s Rochester 32/31/sn 34/25/sf Gowanda 39/28/i 32/24/sf 36/28/sn 33/24/sf New York City 35/33/ sn 44/30/pc Charlotte 65/40 /r 59/35/s Holimont Ski Area. St. Catharines 33/30/sn 31/24/c Hamilton 27/24/sn 33/23/sf Binghamton 24/23/sn 34/22/c Oklahoma City 53/33/s 60/46/pc Chicago 36/18/sf 30/22/pc Salamanca 36/24/i 29/21/sf Hornell 36/30/sn 34/24/sf Cleveland 49/28/r 33/29/sf Orlando 82/59/ sh 69/48/c Cincinnati 53/27/ r 42 /35/pc Kissing Bridge. Silver Creek 40/28/i 32/25/sf Jamestown 36/27/i 27/22/sf Dunkirk 39/28/i 30/24/sf Philadelphia 39/35/i 43/30/pc Columbus, OH 52/29/r 36/32/pc Phoenix 69/48 /s 69/53/c Dallas 59/37 /s 63/51/s Syracuse 27/24/sn 32/25/sf Lockport 36/29/sn 33/24/sf Ellicottville 37/26/i 31/22/sf Peek’n Peak. Portland, ME 26/23/sn 34/23/sn Denver 48/25/s 55/36/c Toronto 31/28/sn 30/23/c Niagara Falls 33/30/sn 32/24/sf Elmira 33/29/sn 35/23/sf Portland, OR 43/33/ c 42 /28/c Des Moines 28/7/sn 29/17/pc Swain. Westfield 41/27/sn 30/24/sf Olean 36/27/i 31/23/sf Erie 43/28/r 31/27/sf Richmond 57/43/r 54/35/s Detroit 40/25/i 32/24/sf Wilson 36/31/sn 34/26/sf Pittsburgh 47/30/r 34/28/sf Franklinville 36/27/sn 31/22/sf Salt Lake City 42/33/ c 45 /36/sn Hartford 28/26/ sn 37/25/pc Source: Lake forecasts Water levels Snow San Diego 66/53/s 63/58/r Honolulu 79/64/pc /pc 46/24/r 76/64/sh SkyWatch San Francisco 56/49 /r 57/49/r Houston 65/38 64/52/pc Flood 7 a.m. 24-hr stage yest. chg Buffalo yesterday Trace Erie: Wind from the east-northeast at 8 to 16 knots today. Seas less than a foot. Visibility clear to the horizon. Water temperature 32° Sunrise today 7:19 a.m. San Juan 83/73/pc 83/73/pc Indianapolis 40/33/pc Sunset tonight 5:41 p.m. Buffalo season to date 91.1” Seattle 43/32/ sn 40/28/c Kansas City 36/21/ s 51 /38/pc Lake Erie at Buffalo 8 3.31 — Moonrise today 10:43 a.m. Tampa 80/59/sh 71/51/c Las Vegas 55/40/pc 57/48/sh Jamestown season to date 72.7” Cazenovia Creek/W. Seneca 10 3.19 -0.52 Moonset today First Full none New Washington, DC 46/40/ r 48 /34/pc Los Angeles 64/50/ s 57 /54/r Rochester season to date 61.8” Ellicott Creek at Williamsville 8 2.75 -1.13 Last International cities Tonawanda Creek/Batavia 9 3.20 -1.28 Syracuse season to date 73.3” Ontario: Wind from the east-northeast at 12 to 25 knots today. Waters ice covered. Visibility less than 4 miles in morning flurries. Water temperature 31° Tonawanda Creek/Clarence 12 9.53 -1.55 Binghamton season to date 60.4” Albany Johannesburg 78/62/p c 73 /60/t Amsterdam Baghdad 47/40/p c 48 /36/pc Snow derby season to date 32.6” London 53/41/pc 52/38/pc 64/44/s 66/46/pc Feb 19 Feb 12 Feb 26 Mar 6 Cleveland season to date 24.4” Montreal 16/14/ sn 26/18/sn Beijing 29/15 /c 35/18/s Month to date Season to date For 24 hours beginning today: Moscow 35/33/r /pc 57/36/pc 35/18/sf Berlin 41/33/pc 45/39/pc Toronto season to date 35.8” Rise Set Paris 47/30 48/32/pc Bermuda 69/65/p c 71 /61/s Buffalo 0.1” 91.1” Pittsburgh season to date 21.1” Niagara River: Wind from the east-northeast at 10 to 20 knots today. Waters a moderate chop. Visibility under 4 miles in morning flurries. Water temperature 34° Mercury Rome 55/38/pc Buenos Aires 71/54/s /pc 55/46/sh 75/59/pc 7:51 a.m. 6:27 p.m. Chicago 1.1” 33.4” Online weather Venus Sydney 96/68 /s 76/66/s Kolkata 81/56 84/58/pc 4:49 a.m. 2:07 p.m. Minneapolis 14.1” 31.9” Mars Tokyo 47/34/s /pc 47/32/pc Dublin 53/43/pc 9:47 a.m. 11:19 p.m. Denver Anchorage 4.0” 17.6” Jupiter Warsaw 37/27 37/33/r Jerusalem 55/41/p c 59 /42/s 3:31 a.m. 12:38 p.m. 4.3” 48.1” Saturn 5:25 a.m. 2:35 p.m. Legend: s-sunny, pc-partly cloudy, c-cloudy, sh-showers, r-rain, t-thunderstorms, sf-snow flurries, sn-snow, i-ice UP TO ® BN riched STORE HOURS MON-SAT 9AM-6PM CLOSED SUNDAY CAMILLO'S WE ACCEPT EBT CARDS $412 494 Reiman Street, Sloan • 896-8982 • Prices Effective 2/11/19-2/16/19 THAT’S HOW MUCH YOU COULD HAVE SAVED USING THE COUPONS AND IN YESTERDAY’S BUFFALO NEWS SALES FLYERS SWEETHEART DINNER SPECIAL 842-1111 PRIME SUBSCRIBE TODAY BY CALLING COLD WATER PRIME RIB LOBSTER TAILS Bone In or Boneless (ONLINE AT WWW.BUFFALONEWS.COM). $12 26 $ 99 2 - (8 OZ.) 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