The Buffalo News : 2019-02-11



A8 The Buffalo News/Monday, February 11, 2019 FLIGHT 3407: 10 YEARS LATER “It’s a stellar group of people, and I think it ref lects the kind of people who were on that plane” Aughtmon has expanded his efforts, too. He now sponsors an annual meat raffle for the Ronald McDonald House, along with the raffle of a “Wheelbarrow of Booze” to benefit local families in need. All that work is starting to win Aughtmon some recognition. He received a One Buffalo Community Service award for his work at last Tuesday’s Buffalo Sabres game. “I never thought it would become this big,” Aughtmon said of his charitable efforts. “It’s a testimony to my uncle and the kind of person he was.” Golf Tournament took place a few months after the crash and raised money for the Ronald McDonald House – which, Aughtmon thought, was just the sort of charity his uncle would support. That was just the start. The tournament now ranks as the largest that Willowbrook Golf Course in Lockport hosts every year, producing revenues so reliable that the Ronald McDonald House incorporates them in its budget. Aughtmon’s efforts also funded the construction of two new family suites at the facility. “We’re talking about a major improvement: meeting the needs of entire families,” said Sally Vincent, the facility’s executive director. able to learn cheerleading for free for the next two years thanks to Elly’s Angels. “It’s a tremendous help,” said Latricia Henry, Asia’s aunt and caretaker. Separated from her parents at a young age, Asia has always been on the shy side, but cheerleading is helping bring the young Buffalo girl out of her shell, Henry said. Kausner Voigt wrapped young Asia in a hug Sunday upon announcing the help she would be getting. What’s more, Kausner Voigt delivered a message that would resonate with anyone who, like Asia, got off to a rough start in life: “Healing can happen, and light can come out of the darkness.”

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