Lo­cal law­mak­ers must ban plas­tic foam pack­ag­ing

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We are deer in head­lights. We see it com­ing and we do noth­ing. Cli­mate Change has be­come a reg­u­lar topic in our daily lives.

Yet col­lec­tively we do not make any sig­nif­i­cant and mean­ing­ful changes to ad­dress it. Even be­liev­ers in cli­mate change seem to la­ment the dire sit­u­a­tion, then turn and carry on as usual.

In an ex­am­ple I see daily that is likely re­peated across the coun­try, I watch as sparsely filled school buses de­liver kids to the school across the street. A few chil­dren walk past. And droves of cars pass de­liv­er­ing a child or two.

Our ac­tions have con­se­quences, no mat­ter how in­signif­i­cant we may think. We need to change our be­hav­iors. Other­wise we have no one to blame but our­selves.


Laws dis­crim­i­nat­ing against vot­ers must end

This is in re­sponse to the March 6 let­ter. As a mem­ber of Buf­falo’s lo­cal chap­ter of the League of Women Vot­ers, I can say with some au­thor­ity that no one dis­putes that every per­son who comes to a polling place to cast a bal­lot needs proper ID.

We all want to en­sure that the peo­ple vot­ing are ac­tu­ally who they say they are. The prob­lem arises when defin­ing pre­cisely what the word “proper” means. Is it a driver’s li­cense con­tain­ing a pho­to­graph of the car­rier?

This sounds rea­son­able un­til one re­al­izes that not ev­ery­one has such a thing;


Yes! How hope­ful to read the re­cent An­other Voice re­gard­ing ban­ning plas­tic foam pack­ag­ing here in Western New York. It makes so much com­mon sense to get rid of this men­ac­ing en­vi­ron­men­tal hazard, es­pe­cially when there are many other al­ter­na­tives that would be safer to use and are biodegrad­able.

We need to fol­low the lead of other cities, in­clud­ing New York City, which has al­ready banned such prod­ucts for our health (con­sid­er­ing the tox­ins in the foam); for the en­vi­ron­ment (non-biodegrad­able and fill­ing our land­fills); and for wildlife (who of­ten con­sume the plas­tic par­ti­cles).

Hope­fully our lo­cal leg­is­la­tors will do the right thing and vote to im­ple­ment this com­mon-sense law which is good for all liv­ing be­ings alive now, and for fu­ture gen­er­a­tions.

Clarence Cen­ter

Strong de­fense in fa­vor of us­ing Thiessen col­umns

I ap­plaud The Buf­falo News for print­ing weekly col­umns of Marc Thiessen. Read­ing his ar­ti­cles is like tak­ing a deep breath of fresh air on a warm spring day. Marc gives read­ers in­sight and an ac­cu­rate ac­count of past po­lit­i­cal events as they un­fold while stat­ing the facts.

There are no smoke­screens or dog­matic views in his let­ters, just plain old jour­nal­ism at it best. His con­ser­va­tive view­points are spot-on and re­fresh­ing to read.

South Buf­falo

Try re­lat­ing to New Era di­rectly from the bot­tom line

The only way to keep New Era open in Derby is for MLB play­ers to boy­cott them and choose an­other com­pany to make their hats. Just talk­ing and try­ing to ne­go­ti­ate for them to keep the Derby plant has not been suc­cess­ful.

The only way for them to lis­ten and get their at­ten­tion is shut­ting them off, and hurt­ing where it hurts the most, and that is their pock­et­books.

Or­chard Park

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