Value is ne­go­tiable in garage sale sea­son

The Buffalo News - - OPINION - Richard Emer­ling, of Or­chard Park, might fi­nally get around to hold­ing his own garage sale this year.

It is fi­nally spring, a time when an old man’s fancy turns to thoughts of ... garage sales.

I’ll ad­mit it, I am a garage sale junkie. I am not a hoarder, and I don’t usu­ally buy things I have no use for, but I do en­joy a bar­gain. Who doesn’t? There was a time when I avoided garage sales like the plague.

A few years ago my wife and I vis­ited my brother and sis­ter-in­law in Florida, and of course we had to go to a few of the myr­iad flea mar­kets in the area. We went to a few too many, but en­joyed most of the day.

When we re­turned home, we started check­ing out garage sales here in Western New York. For sev­eral years now, ev­ery year we say that I should have a garage sale in­stead of go­ing to any. if she would take 50 cents for a small pic­ture (not a Thelma Win­ter), that was priced $1. The seller got the OK from her hus­band, (se­ri­ously?), at which point the buyer pulled out a $20 bill to pay for it. Need­less to say, the seller was not amused.

At an­other sale, I was look­ing at a multi-colored pais­ley ce­ramic dol­phin that I thought would make a great white ele­phant gift. The seller said to me “Isn’t that the ugliest thing you ever saw?” When I asked her the price, she said “110 cents.” No need to hag­gle that price. I have given it away three times, and it al­ways finds its way back to me. A fam­ily heir­loom? Not quite.

What­ever you call them, garage sales, yard sales or tag sales, they can be a lot of fun, and an op­por­tu­nity to meet some very in­ter­est­ing peo­ple.

This just might be the year we have that garage sale. We’ve al­ready started putting prices on things we’re will­ing to part with, just in case. (I’ve no­ticed that most of the things “we’re” will­ing to part with are mine).

We have a room off the back of our garage that we’ve named “the Sum­mer Room,” be­cause it is not heated and is used for stor­age in the win­ter. The room has been de­scribed by some­one who shall re­main name­less as or­ga­nized clut­ter. Hey at least it’s or­ga­nized, in the sum­mer. How many of these “trea­sures” will be avail­able for the sale re­mains to be seen.

They say ev­ery­thing has it’s price, but one thing that won’t be for sale will be my 10-cent dol­phin. It’s price­less!

One thing I’m not very good at is hag­gling, and will usu­ally pay the ask­ing price for some­thing I re­ally would like to own.


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