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The Buffalo News - - COMICS - By Frank Ste­wart

“We lost our lad­der match yes­ter­day,” Cy the Cynic told me in the club lounge.

“It was prob­a­bly bad luck,” I soothed Cy. “I’m sure you played well enough to win.”

“Ac­tu­ally,” the Cynic growled, “I have no­body to blame but my part­ner.”

When Cy was East, his part­ner led the five of hearts against 3NT, and Cy took the ace and re­turned the eight. West won and led a third heart to set up his suit. South knew he couldn’t let West get in, so in­stead of fi­ness­ing in di­a­monds, South laid down the ace. When the king fell, he claimed.

“At the other ta­ble,” Cy said bit­terly, “the de­fense started the same way, but on the sec­ond heart West fol­lowed with the deuce, as if he’d had a five-card suit. Then the de­clarer for my team saw no rea­son not to fi­nesse in di­a­monds -- the nor­mal play. When West took the king, he ran the hearts. We lost 13 IMPs and the match.”

I guess Cy’s team de­served to lose af­ter all. The West player for their op­po­nents de­fended in­tel­li­gently.

972 K965 32 K J 6 2. Your part­ner opens one spade. The next player passes. What do you say?

This hand is too weak for a re­sponse of two hearts.

A new-suit bid at the two level would sug­gest at least 10 points.

Bid two spades. You could tem­po­rize with a bid of two hearts, plan­ning to sup­port the spades next, with 9 7 2, A 9 6 5 3 2, A, Q 6 2. If you held97,AQJ1032,K,976 2, you could bid two hearts, in­tend­ing to re­bid the hearts cheaply.

South dealer

Both sides vul­ner­a­ble





EAST 10843 A8 643 Q974 WEST

972 K96532 K

J62 SOUTH KQ5 QJ10 AQ95 K83

1NT Pass 3 NT All Pass Open­ing lead – 5

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