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The Buffalo News - - COMICS - By Frank Ste­wart

When I kib­itz penny games at my club, I see a lot of shaky bridge. But it’s a plea­sure to watch when Ed, our best player, op­poses Rose, who also knows the game.

Rose was de­clarer at to­day’s 3NT. West led the ten of hearts, and Ed, East, took his ace.

A heart re­turn would have left Rose in good shape, but af­ter a pause, Ed shifted to the king of clubs, killing dummy’s en­try to the di­a­monds.

“I knew I wouldn’t get an easy ride from you,” Rose smiled.

She took the ace, led a heart to her hand and re­turned the queen of di­a­monds: eight, six, deuce.

Ed’s de­fense had sug­gested that he had the king of di­a­monds, so Rose did not

re­peat the fi­nesse.

She took dummy’s ace, her last high heart and the Q-J of clubs. Rose then ex­ited with a club, and af­ter West took the 13th heart, he had to lead a spade. So Rose won three clubs and two of ev­ery­thing else.

“Well played,” Ed nod­ded. “Nice de­fense,” said Rose. Would that all play­ers could be as skilled and as gra­cious.

43 632 A J10976 A 2. Your part­ner opens 1NT, promis­ing 16 to 18 points. The next player passes. What do you say?

This is a ba­sic text­book prob­lem. Raise to 3NT. Don’t bother to men­tion the di­a­monds, which should take tricks at notrump.

You should pre­fer to play at the cheaper nine-trick game. Once in a blue moon, you will go down at 3NT when you could have done well at di­a­monds, but those oc­ca­sions are too in­fre­quent to cater to. North dealer

N-S vul­ner­a­ble KJ10 10987 85 10863

2 Pass 3 NT All Pass Open­ing lead – 10

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