Iron Throne is the epit­ome of power

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Long story short, th­ese are in­cred­i­bly pow­er­ful crea­tures who bonded with Daen­erys and will prob­a­bly de­ter­mine the war to come.

OK, OK, we were get­ting to this. So, Daen­erys learned to fly the scaly mon­sters - and used them in a few bat­tles, which ter­ri­fied her en­e­mies, as they feared she could con­quer Wes­teros as Ae­gon did.

In Sea­son 7, though, the Night King threw an ice spear at Vis­e­rion, killing him.

The Night King then re­an­i­mated the fallen dragon’s corpse, which was pretty bad news for ev­ery­one, par­tic­u­larly since the dragons can break through the Wall - which was ex­actly what zombie Vis­e­rion did, al­low­ing the Army of the Dead to en­ter Wes­teros proper, set­ting up the show for the big war to come.

That icy, blue-eyed fel­low was the first White Walker, who was cre­ated when the Chil­dren of the For­est, a non­hu­man race who orig­i­nally in­hab­ited Wes­teros, stabbed one of the First Men with drag­on­glass thou­sands of years ago. He now serves as the leader of the White Walk­ers and their wights. no one knows for sure. All we do know is that the weapons can­not be forged any longer, and there is a fi­nite amount left in the world.

We know of a few Va­lyr­ian steel swords float­ing around the world. There’s Oath­keeper, which Jaime gave to Bri­enne (who cur­rently pos­sesses it), and Widow’s Wail, which Jaime car­ries. Jon Snow car­ries Long­claw, and Sam took Hearts­bane from his fam­ily home be­fore set­ting out for the Ci­tadel. Mean­while, Arya, car­ries a drag­on­glass dag­ger.

You may re­mem­ber two full sea­sons of Arya hang­ing out with the Face­less Men to learn how to be­come an as­sas­sin. She ac­quired the right skills but re­fused to give up her iden­tity, caus­ing her to be es­sen­tially dis­avowed by the other Face­less Men. Some­how, though, she re­tained her new pow­ers.

In short, Arya can trans­form into dif­fer­ent peo­ple. The rules sur­round­ing this aren’t ex­actly clear, but it’s im­plied that she can only be­come peo­ple who have died.

Yes, we saw Arya cut the throat of Pe­tyr Bael­ish aka Lit­tlefin­ger aka Mr. Chaos Is a Lad­der. For what it’s worth, ac­tor Ai­dan Gillen has said he won’t be ap­pear­ing in Sea­son 8.

In Sea­son 7, the Night King threw an ice spear at Vis­e­rion, killing him.

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