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The Buffalo News - - COMICS - By Frank Stewart

Aclub player brought me to­day’s deal. He had been de­clarer at four hearts and was dis­gusted at hav­ing gone down.

South won the first di­a­mond with the ace and couldn’t lead trumps, lest East get in and lead a spade. West prob­a­bly had the ace of spades for his dou­ble. At Trick Two, South let the queen of clubs ride.

He led a sec­ond club to the ten and threw a spade on the ace.

“Fine so far,” de­clarer said, “but I led a trump next. Due to an in­tense brain fog, my thoughts were grounded un­til fur­ther no­tice. East played the four, and my ten lost to the jack.”

“West then cashed the ace of spades and led the king of clubs. East ruffed with his

king of trumps, and West got his ace for down one.”

I couldn’t blame South for be­ing up­set with him­self. Af­ter he dis­cards on the ace of clubs, he makes four hearts by lead­ing dummy’s last club and ruff­ing or pitch­ing the king of spades – a loser on a loser. Then the de­fend­ers get only two trump tricks and a club or spade, and South is safe.

AJ93 AJ© J108 K762.Your­part­ner opens one spade, and you re­spond 2NT, a con­ven­tional forc­ing raise.

He then bids three di­a­monds. What do you say?

In mod­ern meth­ods, opener’s bid of a new suit over 2NT shows a sin­gle­ton there.

The idea is to let re­spon­der judge how well the cards fit to­gether. Since you have only a “wasted” jack in di­a­monds, slam is likely. Cue-bid three hearts. Part­ner may hold K Q 1054,K765,2,AQ4.

South dealer

N-S vul­ner­a­ble AJ93 AJ J108 K762

1 Dbl 3 4 All Pass Open­ing lead – J

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