Peeps’ new f la­vors, col­ors are hit or miss

The Buffalo News - - TASTE - By Maura Jud­kis

Peo­ple eat Peeps, I guess? Along with gin­ger­bread, they’ve achieved a leg­endary sta­tus: More craft sup­ply than food prod­uct, “eat­ing them” is pretty low on the list of things peo­ple do with Peeps.

Higher on that list are ac­tiv­i­ties such as “mak­ing elab­o­rate po­lit­i­cal dio­ra­mas” and “putting them in the mi­crowave” and “putting them in the mi­crowave hold­ing tooth­picks so they look like they’re joust­ing.”

So when Peeps an­nounced that it had in­tro­duced sev­eral new fla­vors, it was more akin to Crayola re­leas­ing a lim­ited-edi­tion set of crayons. New fla­vors are ac­tu­ally just new col­ors, and th­ese new col­ors are go­ing to take your craft­ing to the next level.

But Peeps are (sur­prise!) an ac­tual food, and the in­flux of new fla­vors is a sign that the brand has adopted the Oreo method of sales gen­er­a­tion: Take a clas­sic brand and turn it into dozens of nov­elty fla­vors to hold cus­tomers’ in­ter­est, even if some of those fla­vors are kind of gross.

That brings us to this year’s of­fer­ings:

• Peeps Cot­ton Candy. The pret­ti­est Peeps! They’re light pink with blue flecks, like an eye-rolly gen­der-re­veal cake.

• Peeps Pan­cakes & Syrup. They taste like maple syrup, which is good. But how de­press­ing is it to eat a tau­pe­col­ored Peep?

• Peeps Delights Vanilla Crème Fla­vored Marsh­mal­low Chicks. This “Delights” line of Peeps is def­i­nitely for eat­ing, not craft­ing.

• Peeps Delights Or­ange Sher­bet Fla­vored Marsh­mal­low Chicks Dipped in Crème-Fla­vored Fudge. This is an at­tempt at a Cream­si­cle fla­vor. Do you like artificial or­ange fla­vor? No? Pass.

• Peeps Filled Delights Choco­late Caramel Swirl Fla­vored Marsh­mal­low Chicks. I take it all back: Peeps are for eat­ing – specif­i­cally, th­ese. They have a choco­late base and gooey caramel cen­ter. They’re ba­si­cally rocky road ice cream in Peep form, with­out the nuts. Th­ese are Peeps for grownups! They are too dig­ni­fied for your Peep dio­rama.

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