The ‘liar-in-chief’ is not a rational leader to be fol­lowed

The Calvert Recorder - - Community Forum - Jerry Adams, Port Repub­lic

This let­ter is in re­sponse to Mr. Richard Nav­ickas’ Oct. 26 let­ter, “The se­cret to suc­cess is ra­tio­nal­ity — works in pol­i­tics, too.” Your poor grand­son has re­ceived very con­flict­ing ad­vice from you. You told him “if you want to win, pick a good team with a great coach.” Not bad ad­vice. You fur­ther in­structed him to use his “rational mind.” Also, not bad ad­vice. From that point, your “ra­tio­nale” goes amok.

You cau­tion that pick­ing lead­ers for their “smile or their prom­ises isn’t rational.” Yet, the very “coach” you ad­vo­cate to your grand­son as a “rational” choice is not in the least filled with the at­tributes you as­cribe: “unique tal­ents, in­clud­ing tough ne­go­ti­at­ing skills … with top man­age­ment skills and big suc­cess.”

You do re­al­ize that your “coach” was handed a for­tune from his fa­ther and quickly went bank­rupt three times, right?

His tough ne­go­ti­at­ing “skills” are ba­si­cally bul­ly­ing that has alien­ated the other kids in the in­ter­na­tional school yard.

“Prom­ises eas­ily be­come lies.” These are your words. This pres­i­dent has told demon­stra­ble — that means that we have facts that re­fute the state­ments — lies more than 4,000 times since he has been in of­fice, ac­cord­ing to the Wash­ing­ton Post.

As I write this, he is telling more lies about how he has no re­spon­si­bil­ity for how his in­flam­ma­tory rhetoric prais­ing a can­di­date for phys­i­cally as­sault­ing a jour­nal­ist in­spired a po­ten­tial bomber. Yet you state, “ly­ing never works, not for Democrats, not for Soros, and not for any­one.” You left out the liarin-chief.

As for the Jus­tice Ka­vanaugh se­lec­tion process, we can agree, I hope, that both sides were egre­gious in their politi­ciz­ing of the ju­di­cial process. Yet, you wish to cast dis­per­sions only on Democrats for “spew­ing false ac­cu­sa­tions at … a man ab­so­lutely adored by the women who knew him.” He didn’t sound so adored by the women who ac­cused him of sex­ual abuse.

And who are the Democrats who de­cided to vote Re­pub­li­can from now on, as you state? Or have you learned from your pres­i­dent that ly­ing is the “rational” po­lit­i­cal way for­ward?

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