To Hadley Ann and Harper Grace: Wel­come to the world

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Dear Hadley Ann Yar­brough and Harper Grace Yar­brough:

Wel­come to the world! We were not ex­pect­ing you so soon. I was told your ar­rival was set for late May or early June but, of course, I am al­ways the last to know any­thing in this fam­ily as you will soon find out. Ob­vi­ously, no one checked with you be­cause you de­cided to come 11 weeks early. Just like a Yar­brough. No­body is go­ing to tell you what to do or when to do it.

I am told that you are two tough lit­tle cook­ies who aren’t go­ing to let a small mat­ter like an early ar­rival af­fect you. You may be small in size at the mo­ment, but it is ob­vi­ous that your tenac­ity is big­ger than all out­doors.

You are in­stant celebri­ties. You are the first set of twins to bloom on this branch of the Yar­brough fam­ily tree. That makes you spe­cial. The fact that you have all your fin­gers and toes and the other stuff that goes into mak­ing up a hu­man be­ing is even more spe­cial. We should never take the mir­a­cle of birth lightly. It is a mir­a­cle.

I thank God for that and I thank a group of an­gels in the neona­tal in­ten­sive care unit at Wel­lS­tar Kenne­stone Hos­pi­tal in Cobb County who are look­ing out for you two in these first few crit­i­cal days of your life. Bless­ing on them one and all.

I am go­ing to give you some time to get ac­cus­tomed to your new en­vi­rons but I thought it might be good to tell you a lit­tle bit about your fam­ily. As you will soon dis­cover, we can be an opin­ion­ated and can­tan­ker­ous bunch but we love the dick­ens out of each other. No ex­cep­tions. What­ever else you may feel in your lives, you can rest as­sured that you will never feel unloved. That’s not the way we op­er­ate.

You have a cou­ple of si­b­lings wait­ing for you. There is your pre­cious and pre­co­cious sis­ter, Hay­den Rose Yar­brough, who is 4 years old and al­ready as­sum­ing princess sta­tus in the fam­ily. I as­sume she will be will­ing to share that priv­i­lege with her baby sis­ters in due time but let’s tip­toe with that one right now. She doesn’t give up power eas­ily.

And then there is Cameron Charles Yar­brough, who gives new mean­ing to the word “great” as in great­grand­son. I pre­dict he is go­ing to make a great big brother, too, al­though I sus­pect hav­ing three sis­ters around may test his pa­tience on oc­ca­sion. He had bet­ter go ahead and de­clare dibs on the bath­room while he can.

I can re­port to you that your mom and dad are greatly re­lieved that you are here, as are the rest of us. I’m not sure it has quite sunk in yet that they are go­ing to need two of ev­ery­thing go­ing for­ward — two car seats, two high chairs, two beds, a dou­ble load of di­a­pers, etc. etc.

No ques­tion that the rest of us will chip in and help. You have dot­ing grand­par­ents, great-grand­par­ents, as­sorted aunts and un­cles and cousins who are anx­ious to get you up and run­ning. We will cover you up with more stuff than you can ever use.

Be­ing that you are the first set of twins in the fam­ily, I will be cu­ri­ous to see how sim­i­lar you will be, as well as how dif­fer­ent. Will you look alike? Think alike? Act alike? That is what makes this all so ex­cit­ing to me. You rep­re­sent new life. New op­por­tu­ni­ties.

For many years, I have de­voted a col­umn of ad­vice at the begin­ning of the new year to my grand­chil­dren and later to my great-grand­chil­dren. I have never asked them if they have read the col­umns. I am pretty sure you won’t read this one. I mean, first thing first — like eat­ing and sleep­ing and putting a few ounces on your tiny frames. Read­ing can come later.

You don’t know it yet but you have al­ready taught us all a great les­son. Your ar­rival serves to re­mind us of how pre­cious life is, to never take it for granted and to never waste one minute of it grind­ing over triv­i­al­i­ties. As you grow older, you are go­ing to be look­ing at all of us to see how we live our lives. May we never for­get that and never dis­ap­point you.

Hadley Ann and Harper Grace, I am glad you two have ar­rived safely. Very glad. Love, PA

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