How do I change my lay­out in Pow­erpoint?

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As you cre­ate a pre­sen­ta­tion in Pow­erpoint, the stan­dard lay­out may not be how you want your slides to ap­pear. The lay­out is the boxes that Pow­erpoint sup­plies that de­cide the ba­sic ap­pear­ance of your slides.

The de­fault lay­out is one of ti­tle and body and will work for most items. There is a box on the top of the screen that is ti­tle and when you en­ter in­for­ma­tion in it the font for the first row is very large and bold and the other rows in the box will be smaller.

The body box is the other box and it as­sumes you want to en­ter the text in an out­line type form but with dots to mark each en­try and there can be sub-lev­els.

You need some type of box to be able to type in, a blank Pow­erpoint screen will not al­low typ­ing in it, but you can in­sert pic­tures and graph­ics.

Other lay­outs in­clude ti­tle and a cou­ple of body boxes, just a ti­tle box or just a body box and other com­bi­na­tions.

To change the lay­out, click on Home on the menu list and you will get the Home rib­bon. Then on the left side be­side the but­ton to cre­ate the next slide (which uses the same lay­out as the cur­rent slide), there is a but­ton that says lay­out and when clicked will give you a num­ber of choices of lay­outs and you can even choose more of them. Click the lay­out you want and the lay­out boxes change on screen and if in­for­ma­tion is al­ready en­tered, it is re­ar­ranged to new style,

I do the pre­sen­ta­tion soft­ware for my church and for an­nounce­ment slides I nor­mally use just the ti­tle lay­out as I want the ex­tra larger and not want­ing an out­line for­mat. For songs words I usu­ally just go to body lay­out as I do not put song ti­tles on each screen, just the words for that verse. How­ever I want to put them in out­line for­mat so I high­light the text and click the next but­ton to right on Home rib­bon that looks like an out­line and they then ap­pear as just plain rows. I then en­large text to largest I can and bold to make eas­ier to read.

Chang­ing your lay­out on dif­fer­ent slides can make your Pow­erpoint pre­sen­ta­tion much more user-friendly and eas­ier for you to cre­ate and main­tain.

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