What has changed in Mi­crosoft’s Soli­taire?

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This year marked the 25th an­niver­sary of Soli­taire card game that is in­cluded in Win­dows. Mi­crosoft has pro­moted this mile­stone.

Soli­taire was orig­i­nally put in the orig­i­nal Win­dows as an easy and en­joy­able way to learn to use the mouse, which back then was an en­tirely new con­cept.

It was free.

With the 25th edi­tion and be­ing in Win­dows 10, Mi­crosoft would now rather that you pay to play.

Where it was free pre­vi­ously it now gives you a choice to pay or you can play a free ad-sup­ported ver­sion. Ads did not ap­pear pre­vi­ously.

The ads for most of this year have ei­ther been for some ba­sic games of Mi­crosoft or sev­eral car ads and I think I re­mem­ber a Coca-cola ad.

All of the sud­den in the last few weeks a dif­fer­ent ad has be­gun ap­pear­ing for a game called Scat­ter­slots. It ad­ver­tises as an adult lust game and has very sug­ges­tive pic­tures in the ads.

The ads ap­pear af­ter you play a ran­dom num­ber of hands of Soli­taire and ap­pear to aver­age about ev­ery six hands.

They have also added sev­eral vari­a­tions of Soli­taire you can play, and if you sign in an ac­count, it will re­mem­ber ma­chine to ma­chine your re­sults.

The ad­di­tion of ads to a sim­ple game, orig­i­nally there to learn, I thought was un­usual af­ter 25 years.

The ads that you now see if you do not pay were a sur­prise.

Prior to now I would have sug­gested the game to any­one, kids to 90s.

Now I have to think, are they old enough for those ads? Or will they be of­fended by the ads?

It is my be­lief that Mi­crosoft has taken a prod­uct they gave away thru a bought prod­uct and now are go­ing for ev­ery dime they think they can get.

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