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Pastor Flood continued our study of the Beatitudes, Matthew 5. We have looked at the poor in spirit and those who mourn. Poor in spirit is to be humble before God realizing we are nothing of ourselves. God is everything. Mourn is to grieve over sin. Mourn over personal sin against holy God and over the sins of ones we love. Before one can earnestly mourn over sin, you must be poor in spirit acknowledg­ing our own sinfulness and helplessne­ss before a loving and forgiving God.

Today, Pastor’s message was meekness, Matthew 5:5. Meekness is not weakness. Meekness is strong, tender, and humble. Meekness is to be teachable. Meekness is the ability for one’s own self to be in control. To be in control of self is to be under God’s control. Submitted and yielded to the Holy Spirit. Meekness is not self produced, but is a fruit of the Spirit. One who is meek is controlled and living out this characteri­stic produced of the Holy Spirit. This meek one is contained, calm under pressure and discipline­d in their senses. They are not easily provoked and are even tempered. These are not controlled by desires or habits of the flesh. One who is meek demonstrat­es love with a forgiving heart no matter what has even inflicted. One who is meek will mind his own business while depending and waiting on God. Ps 46:10

Meekness, not weakness, a trait every child of God should ask of God.

We would be honored to have your kids join Pleasant Valley Baptist Church youth programs every Wednesday night at 7 PM. Classes last about an hour so youth can be home early. Beginning at 3 years old thru 5th grade(youth), and 6th grade thru 12 (teens). Bring your children for a midweek time and join others in the sanctuary for your own refreshing from the Word of God.

Continue to keep PVBC in your prayers. Praying especially for Mike Cross, Denise Pitts, Betty Pitts, Jewell Mitchell (great need), June Gannaway (great need), Larry Armstrong, Dot Mcallister (shut in). Pray for our Pastor(s), churches, evangelist, and missionari­es. Pray for all who are now touched by some illness. Earnestly pray for our country and our leaders. Pray for souls to be saved and for revival of Christians. Pray it will start within each of our hearts.

Pleasant Valley Baptist would be so honored to have you worship with us. Services are Sunday mornings 11 AM and evenings 6 PM. Wednesday service 7 PM. Morning services are available on Facebook and Youtube.

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