The Columbus Dispatch : 2019-02-11

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•• Get the Dispatch on mobile Monday, February 11, 2019 High: 41 Low: 37 Details, B14 $3 City program to lower cost for homebuyers By Rick Rouan The Columbus Dispatch Columbus plans to use leftover demolition funds to “buy down” the price of homes that will be built on land-bank properties so that they are affordable to middle-income buyers. Mayor Andrew J. Ginther announced during his State of the City address in January that the city would spend $3.8 million on the program, which would run through a newly created land trust run by the Franklin County land bank. Volunteers see increase in dogs surrendered by commercial breeders driver who lives in Champaign County west of Columbus, is part of a volunteer network that rescues unwanted dogs from commercial breeding operations — many in the Amish areas of Holmes, Knox and Coshocton counties — and finds people to adopt them. In recent months, according to one rescue group, the number of dogs has increased markedly, coinciding with Ohio’s stricter regulation of “puppy mills” — breeding operations that crank out large numbers of dogs for profit in conditions criticized as inhumane. “It’s been huge,” said Jamie Runevitch, a Cleveland-area volunteer with Puppy Mill Rescue Team (, a multistate organization that coordinates pickups of dogs with other rescue teams. “We used to do one run a month. Because of increased numbers, we’re doing multiple runs a month.” The team picked up 496 animals last year. This year, in January alone, they rescued 97. Many of those animals might have been euthanized by breeders had they not been surrendered for rescue, Runevitch said. The increase apparently is a result of a state law that took effect in late September and limited the number of litters a dog can produce in her By Joe Blundo The Columbus Dispatch George West slid open a van door to reveal 17 dogs in crates stacked to the ceiling. They were mostly a mixture of females past their breeding prime and puppies — Yorkshire terriers, a springer spaniel, others — with medical conditions that made them unsellable. (One puppy, possibly a Shih Tzu, had obvious eye defects). West, a retired truck See HOUSING, A15 See RESCUE, A12

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