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Elected officials are ‘puppets of big-monied special interests’


“Is PUCO a watchdog or lapdog?” (Dec. 1) is an awesome article headline. But the problem runs much deeper: Most of the elected representa­tives are lapdogs or puppets of the big-monied special interests.

Pulling the puppet strings of money are the auto dealers, energy companies, nursing home industry, health care providers, gun lobby, etc. — all getting legislatio­n to benefit themselves, their pocketbook­s, their profits!

But where are the people represente­d?

They can’t raise the money and buy the influence that these monied interests do. We, the people, generally don’t get to write the bills and schmooze to get our way.

My personal solution to this is that if you received a significant campaign contributi­on from a group, you automatica­lly have a conflict of interest and therefore can’t vote on their bill.

Hugo R. Trux IV, Upper Arlington

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