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US Navy commission­s Pearl Harbor-based USS Daniel Inouye


PEARL HARBOR, Hawaii – The U.S. Navy on Wednesday commission­ed the USS Daniel Inouye, named after the long-serving U.S. senator from Hawaii and decorated World War II veteran.

Inouye and other Japanese Americans were initially prevented from enlisting for service after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. After the policy was changed, his unit of Japanese American soldiers became one of the most decorated, with Inouye earning the Medal of Honor and, now, a guided missile destroyer bearing his name.

The military restricted attendance at the event due to COVID-19 mitigation efforts and streamed the ceremony online. Among those in attendance was Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro, who gave the keynote address Tuesday on the 80th anniversar­y of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

“There is absolutely no more of a fitting name for this ship than Senator Daniel Inouye, who fought the Nazis on the front lines and strengthen­ed our national defense in Congress,” Del Toro said at the commission­ing ceremony. “Senator Inouye will always serve as the North Star for our military and for me personally.”

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