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Stewart, Bateman, Snoop crash ABC’S latest ‘Live’ special

- Marco della Cava

Take your pick.

Iconic sitcom producer Norman Lear dropping the F-bomb. Jon Stewart guesting in full nerd head-gear. Kevin Hart sulking on John Lithgow’s lap. Jennifer Aniston ad-libbing a line from the “Friends” theme song. Snoop Dogg being, well, Snoop Dogg.

Those were just a few of the fun, notready-for-prime-time moments from ABC’S “Live in Front of a Studio Audience” Tuesday, yet another re-recitation of Tv-king Lear’s greatest hits – this time resurfacin­g one episode each of “Diff ’rent Strokes” (1978-1986) and its spinoff, “The Facts Of Life” (1979-1988).

If you’ve never caught this romp before, the concept is simple.

Current stars reprise familiar roles from iconic Lear shows. In recent years, “Live” tackled “All In The Family” (twice) as well as “Good Times” and “The Jeffersons.” Cue Woody Harrelson unleashing his most demonic eye-roll as Archie Bunker, and a put-out Jamie Foxx channeling George Jefferson.

This time, the festivitie­s opened with Jimmy Kimmel introducin­g his age-defying friend (Lear turns 100 in July), who promptly let fly when asked about his philosophy on finality: When things are over, he said, “they’re (expletive) over,” as Kimmel’s eyes popped.

“The Facts of Life” crew went first, acting out an episode called “Kids Can Be Cruel,” in which a vengeful Natalie (Allison Tolman) tries to get back at superficial Blair (Aniston) by setting her up on a date with Carl (Stewart) at their all-girls’ school harvest festival.

The core “Facts” cast – which also included Kathryn Hahn and Gabrielle Union (as classmates Jo and Tootie) and Ann Dowd stepping in as their housemothe­r Mrs. Garrett – was unimpeacha­ble, with the adult actresses summoning their best teen selves (notably Hahn’s huffy performanc­e as boy-phobic Jo).

But it was Aniston who reminded us that her true place is on a situation comedy, where she can milk scripted beats to the max. And she can’t be faulted for breaking character after being face to face with surprise guest Stewart, who donned a wig and braces to play a Grateful Dead-loving dork.

Stewart, some may recall, was a guest on late ’90s sitcoms such as “The Nanny” and “Newsradio,” though his talents ultimately were much better served elsewhere.

Here, Stewart was less Carl and more Jon with a hair piece.

Not to be overlooked, two other unannounce­d guests appeared as jocks/love interests lugging equipment to the harvest festival event. While both Will Arnett and Jason Bateman sported similar goofy wigs, Arnett made the bigger meal out of his meat-head character as Aniston’s boyfriend, Dink.

With scores of “Facts” episodes to choose from, one wonders if perhaps there might not have been a better selection than this one, which apart from its enduring message – don’t be cruel – felt especially ’80s-lite.

The closing moments, however, did offer an improvised surprise from the original script. When Aniston’s Blair realized the right thing was to follow through on her dinner date with Stewart’s Carl, she kindly wiped food from his braces-barred lips while summoning that “Friends” theme and said: “Don’t worry, I’ll be there for you.”

There was decidedly more there there when it came to the “Diff’rent Strokes” episode, titled “Willis’ Privacy.”

For starters, the episode was introduced by Todd Bridges, who played Willis on the original show.

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