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Critical race theory non-existent in schools, but ignorance is not


So the theory of those fighting against the non-existent teaching of critical race theory in public schools is that students are being taught about the hateful things whites have done to people of color for the past 400 years in our country?

How about these results of a Southern Poverty Law Center study, as referenced in the book, “The Sum of

Us” by Heather Mcghee:

● Very few states have a curriculum that teaches about how the ideology of white supremacy rose in order to justify the institutio­n of slavery, or how slave labor was vital to the U.S. economy.

● Only 8% of surveyed high school seniors knew that slavery was a primary cause of the Civil War.

● Two-thirds of seniors did not know that it took a Constituti­onal Amendment to outlaw slavery.

● 78% could not explain how slaveholde­rs benefited from provisions drafted into our Constituti­on.

If we want young people to be ignorant about race and its role in our society, we are already there. You don’t need to put the Jane Timkens of the world into office to achieve what already is.

Clearly, critical race theory isn’t being taught in K-12. It appears very few truths about race have ever been taught.

Doug Shoemaker, Westervill­e

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