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Guard troops deployed to help hospital employees

- Sheridan Hendrix

Several more local hospitals will receive the help of Ohio National Guard members to alleviate frontline workers during this new wave of COVID-19 cases and hospitaliz­ations.

Last week, Ohio Gov. Mike Dewine authorized 2,300 members of the Ohio National Guard to help relieve hospital employees struggling to deal with the rising number of hospitaliz­ed COVID-19 patients. Of those Guard members, 150 are nurses or EMTS.

About 40 National Guard members were deployed to the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center last week to provide clinical and nonclinica­l support. Most will assist with environmen­tal services, nutrition services and patient transporta­tion. Another 10 Guard members will care for patients in the hospital’s emergency department.

Seventy Guard members were also deployed at Mount Carmel East Hospital last week. Most of the deployment­s have been prioritize­d for northern Ohio cities like Akron and Canton, which have seen many of the increased COVID-19 hospitaliz­ations.

Ohio set a new record Wednesday for COVID-19 hospitaliz­ations: 5,356 patients. The previous record for hospitaliz­ations was 5,308 on Dec. 15, 2020.

“We are so maxed. We are tired and we are frustrated and we want the best for all of our patients,” Jennifer Hollis, a critical care nurse at Ohiohealth Riverside Methodist Hospital, said during Dewine’s COVID-19 presser on Wednesday.

Hollis pleaded for people to get vaccinated.

Ohio also broke a new record for daily reported COVID-19 cases Wednesday with 20,320 cases. @sheridan12­0

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