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Support voters’ rights and save our democracy

On Jan. 6, people at over 300 locations, including the Capitol, joined together to support the core of our democracy: voters' rights. I, concerned about COVID, lit a candle at home to join in spirit with those trying to point out we could lose our democracy if we don't work very hard to save it.

The right to vote is being threatened in too many ways. Laws have been passed to make it harder to vote and easier for political figures in statehouse­s to change the result of votes they don't like.

New district lines drawn in Ohio and other states have created districts designed to decrease competitiv­e races and give one party a supermajor­ity in state legislatur­es and the federal House of Representa­tives.

Worse, the rampant lies about election fraud are making people concerned about the integrity of our elections.

Act now. Encourage your legislator­s to vote for strong legislatio­n to protect the right to vote. And make sure you vote!

Janyce C. Katz, Columbus

Are Ohio lawmakers competing with those from Texas?

I was underwhelm­ed with the list of “accomplish­ments” from the state legislatur­e.

Let me see if I got it right: planning to take away a woman's right to choose what to do with her own body; loosening already lax regulation­s over gun ownership (no training and no background checks); dabbling in education by wanting to give vouchers to everyone regardless of what that might do to public education; meddling with curriculum by wanting to legislate how to teach about racism and slavery; blurring separation of powers by taking away the governor's authority to exercise his powers of office; doing nothing about the Householde­r scandal; and finally, actually improving broadband access.

Other than the last item, I don't see how any of this legislatio­n (proposed or passed) benefits the majority of the citizens of Ohio.

I didn't see it listed in the article, but I think there are voter suppressio­n laws at least proposed this year. Are we trying to compete with Texas' restrictio­ns?

I think we need to look carefully at our state legislator­s when we vote — that is, if we can have impact in our gerrymande­red system.

Holly Richard, Columbus

President Biden’s recent speech will only agitate Trump supporters

I watched the president's speech on television. God help us.

I believe that Donald Trump is the worst thing that ever happened to our country. With this speech, Joe Biden has become the second worst. This speech will not convince anyone. It will only inflame the Trump supporters.

I am very concerned about where we may be headed.

Al Holtsberry, Groveport

Would electric vehicles have made a difference in wintry traffic jam?

Just wondering.

What would result have been if all the vehicles in I-95 snowstorm traffic jam in Virginia had been electric vehicles?

Paul Jacobs, Grove City

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