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Ohio’s Sorellé takes 4th place on ‘The Voice’

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Sorellé finished fourth on “The Voice.” The singing Heichel sisters, Madi, Ana and Bella, helped put their hometown of Lexington on the map and took all of north central Ohio on their musical journey the last two-plus months.

Tuesday’s season finale was more about coach Blake Shelton, who is leaving NBC’S “The Voice” after 23 seasons and 12 years. It featured several tributes to the departing country music star, both from coaches and many of the artists he has mentored on the show.

Pop singer Gina Miles, coached by Niall Horan, was chosen as the winner of “The Voice” in national voting that started at the end of Monday’s show and continued overnight.

On Tuesday’s wrap-up, each of the artists performed a duet with their coach. Chance the Rapper was Sorellé’s coach. They teamed up for “O-o-h Child,” a 1970 classic by the Five Stairsteps, ranked as the No. 402 song of all time by Rolling Stone magazine.

Before the performanc­e, Madi Heichel told Chance of the impact he has had on the sisters.

“It’s meant so much to us, just to have you believe in us and to always encourage us to be who we are,” Madi said. “It’s been an honor to work with you and a pleasure to get to know you, so thank you.”

Chance replied, “Love you guys.”

Top 5 finalists waited on stage to learn who won ‘The Voice’

With only minutes left in the show, host Carson Daly revealed the order of the top five. The finalists stood on stage, holding hands as their names were read off.

Before America learned the order, each of the artists talked about their coaches in a taped segment.

“Honestly, we wanted to make the finale, so we could perform with you,” Madi told Chance.

“I’m excited to share the stage with you,” he told Sorellé.

Madi replied, “Our favorite thing about working with you is that you do challenge us. It’s something we will cherish forever, so we owe that to you.”

Chance responded, “I’m proud to be your coach.”

When the show went back to Daly, he finally listed the top five.

Noivas, a member of Team Blake, finished fifth.

Sorellé, resplenden­t in pink, was next. The Heichels met Chance for a hug as they left the stage for the final time.

R&B singer B. Smooth, coached by Kelly Clarkson, placed third.

Gina Miles and Grace West, a country music singer coached by Blake Shelton, were the two remaining contestant­s. Miles prevailed in what Daly called the closest vote in the history of “The Voice.”

Since the semifinals, the Local at 97, a club in Lexington, has been hosting watch parties to support Sorellé.

“For last week’s show, every table was at capacity,” said Brandon Sorrenti, who works at the club. “I know a lot of their family was here for the last episode.” Sorrenti counts himself as a fan. “It’s really awesome that they’re doing this,” he said. “It’s so rare to succeed and take it to this level. It’s impressive.”

Heichel sisters live just south of Lexington

Madi, Ana and Bella Heichel live just south of Lexington. Madi and Ana are graduates of Lexington High School, while Bella attends online.

Sorellé started as a duo when Madi was 6 and Ana was 5. Bella joined the group in 2019. Sorellé is the Italian word for sisters.

They became social media darlings when they filmed a cover of “All About That Bass,” a hit song by Meghan Trainor. With Trainor’s “like” and repost, Sorellé went viral.

In their introducti­on on “The Voice,” the sisters described themselves as social media influencer­s. They were encouraged to try out for the show by the success of Girl Named Tom, a trio from Ohio that won the season 21 competitio­n.

It will be interestin­g to see where Sorellé goes from here.

 ?? ?? Madi, Ana and Bella Heichel, known as Sorellé , finished fourth in the season finale of on NBC”S “The Voice” Tuesday night.
Madi, Ana and Bella Heichel, known as Sorellé , finished fourth in the season finale of on NBC”S “The Voice” Tuesday night.

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