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Some lo­cal “Star Wars” or­ga­ni­za­tions in­clude:

Sus­pi­cious Mind trick, the Mem­phis chap­ter of fan­force, the in­ter­na­tional fan or­ga­ni­za­tion: face­­pi­cious-Mind-trick-fan­force-196690793710816.

Corel­lian Base, the ten­nessee and ken­tucky base of the rebel Le­gion, a “cos­tum­ing/ char­ity/com­mu­nity” group de­voted to the “good guys” of the ‘Star Wars’ uni­verse: re­bel­le­­lian-base.

Dagobah Base, the Mis­sis­sippi and Louisiana base of the rebel Le­gion: re­bel­le­gion. com/dagobah-base-2.

ran­cor raiders, the Mis­sis­sippi “gar­ri­son” of the 501st Le­gion, the cos­tum­ing group de­voted to Lu­cas-uni­verse “bad guys”: mis­sis­sip­

Midsouth Gar­ri­son, the ten­nessee and ken­tucky chap­ter of the 501st: mid­south­gar­ri­

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