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Hardaway to support daughter

Agreement signed with former girlfriend

- By Lawrence Buser — Lawrence Buser: 529-2385

Basketball star Anfernee Hardaway has agreed to pay child support for the second daughter he fathered by his former Treadwell High School girlfriend.

According to Juvenile Court records, Hardaway will pay Latarsha McCray $3,300 a month for their daughter born last October, $14,151 in prenatal and postnatal medical bills and a lump sum of $39,300 payable Tuesday.

The monthly payments will continue until the child turns 18 or graduates from high school, whichever is last.

He also agreed to pay $1,815 annually for her health insurance, reimburse McCray $8,170 for past premiums and orthodonti­st care, purchase a $1 million life insurance policy with his daughter as beneficiar­y and start an educationa­l trust fund with a $96,000 investment fund deposit.

Under a consent agreement signed Friday, Hardaway ’s monthly child support for their other daughter, born in 1992, will be reduced to $3,300 a month from the previous $6,000 per month. There also are similar health, insurance and education payments.

Hardaway will pay half of the mother’s $16,000 fees owed to her attorney, Johnny Rasberry.

The court file was obtained Tuesday after The Commercial Appeal filed a request under the state’s open records act.

Hardaway, 35, made more than $15 million last year in the NBA, but a knee injury limited his playing to only four games in the last year of a seven-year contract.

In February he was traded by the New York Knicks to the Orlando Magic, which waived him from the roster. He has spent much of the summer working out and rehabilita­ting his knee in Houston.

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