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U.S. wants to seize Jackson Jr.’s homes


WASHINGTON — Federal prosecutor­s asked a judge Friday to let the government seize the homes of former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., D-Ill., and his wife, Sandi, in Washington and Chicago, plus an IRA he has worth almost $80,000.

Jackson, 48, will be sentenced Wednesday for looting his campaign treasury of $750,000. The government wants him to pay a $750,000 forfeiture plus restitutio­n in the same amount.

Sandi Jackson, 49, a former Chicago alderman, also will be sentenced Wednesday for failing to report to the IRS about $600,000 in the couple’s income.

Prosecutor­s said the two properties originally were owned by the Jacksons, who in 2008 transferre­d the properties to the “Jesse Louis Jackson Jr. Living Trust.”

The trust has Jackson Jr. and his wife as trustees, prosecutor­s said. The transfer occurred during the Jacksons’ crime spree, government lawyers said.

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