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Gay U.S. envoy sparks furor


SANTO DOMINGO — Religious groups in the Dominican Republic said Friday they are outraged by the nomination of a gay U.S. ambassador to the conservati­ve Caribbean country.

James “Wally” Brewster would be the seventh U.S. ambassador in history to be openly gay, but opponents are asking the administra­tion of Dominican President Danilo Medina to reject his nomination.

Rev. Cristobal Cardozo, leader of the Dominican Evangelica­l Fraternity, said he worried about the message that Brewster’s presence might send. “It’s an insult to good Dominican customs,” he said.

U. S. Embassy spokesman Daniel Foote said in a statement that Brewster was nominated because of his skills as an internatio­nal businessma­n and his ideas on democracy and human rights.

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