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Schools need firm hand

- Bill Reeves, Olive Branch

In regard to Otis Sanford’s statements about unified school board member Joe Clayton’s reference to some schools as combat zones (June 16 column, “MCS got rule right on corporal punishment”): I wonder if Sanford has talked to teachers and students in these schools or visited the schools about this matter. I’m sure teachers and students (who want to learn) go to school each day with fear, wondering if they will be harmed, shot or killed.

I have known Clayton for a number of years. He is one of the most Godly, nononsense, straight-by-the-book men I have known in my life.

As an educator his goal was to see that the students under his care received the best education possible. I was fortunate that my two children had Clayton as their principal in school. He led with a firm hand and my children received a great education.

My son received one paddling and didn’t need any more. My son learned from this experience and has grown up to be a good Christian family man and productive citizen.

If all the school board members were like Clayton and had the teachers and students as their priority, the school system would not be in such a mess.

And yes, we would not have to send our children into the “combat zones” that many school systems are dealing with today as well as trying to prepare young minds for the future. Fax to: (901) 529- 6445 Mail to: Letters to the Editor, The Commercial Appeal, P.O. Box 334, Memphis, TN 38101 Online: Click on the “Submit a Letter” link on the Opinion page at commercial­ We suggest a maximum length of 200 words.

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