The Commercial Appeal

Waste of resources

- Colleen Harris, Bartlett

Your June 26 article “Lost jobs weigh on merging district” detailed the plight of so many employees who are being negatively impacted by the school system merger. Interim Supt. Dorsey Hopson stated that the transition was devastatin­g for people. The article went on to state: “But with the ‘very limited resources’ the school board had, Hopson said the goal was to ‘make sure we saved as much money as we could for the classroom.’ ”

If resources are so limited, then why is a systemwide address being planned for all unified district staff at FedExForum on Aug. 2?

In the past, Shelby County Schools held such an address at Bellevue Baptist Church free of charge. Now, however, the school system will be far too large to host such an event at Bellevue. So how much of the very limited resources will be spent to hold such an event at FedExForum?

Surely the new district can figure out a way using technology to have a systemwide address without having to bus thousands of employees to FedExForum. It is inconceiva­ble that such an address cannot be videotaped and viewed in the schools. In view of the economic circumstan­ces, conducting a systemwide address should become a thing of the past. “A Thousand Words” is a pictorial commentary on events in Greater Memphis and around the world. Today’s “A Thousand Words” was written by Karen Pulfer Focht, a photograph­er for The Commercial Appeal. other job, preferably at a company with better management.

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