The Commercial Appeal

Race is mob’s motive

- Tom Wheeler, Memphis

Your June 23 Viewpoint article “Racial watersheds” missed the point. It tried to link the killing of Trayvon Martin with the killing of Emmett Till, because both were young black men. The real linkage is between the two lynch mobs.

In one case it was a white lynch mob that wanted to kill Till because he was black and not white. In the other case it is a black lynch mob that wants to kill George Zimmerman because he is Hispanic and not black.

If you do not believe this, ask yourself: Since the night Martin was shot how many young black men have been killed by other blacks, and why isn’t there a fullthroat­ed cry from the black lynch mob in those cases?

The answer is obvious. Racist lynch mobs are racist lynch mobs. We will consider publishing only one letter per writer every 30 days. We do not publish letters addressed to third parties, those that are sent to other publicatio­ns or those that are not original material.

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