The Commercial Appeal

Expect no favors

- Hugh Rickman, Millington

If the company you work for goes out of business, you hit the street and look for another job. You have no option but to start over at your new position on the bottom rung of the ladder. Why do the employees of the closed Memphis City Schools system think they are any different?

The MCS was a “business,” if you will, that closed its doors due to mismanagem­ent and poor educators. The employees/ teachers were basically laid off by their employer when MCS shut down. Now the laid-off employees expect to go to another company, the Shelby County Schools system, and demand a job based on how long they were employed by the company that just laid them off. Really? Maybe all those smart educators should have seen the writing on the wall and jumped off that sinking ship while they had the chance.

The employees of the Shelby County system did not put the MCS employees in the position they’re in; the MCS and city “leaders” did that. To all MCS employees and Memphis officials, leave the county teachers alone and start looking for an-

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