Peo­ple in Heaven may know what goes on here

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Do peo­ple who have died and gone on to Heaven know what’s hap­pen­ing on earth? If so, I’d think they’d be sad to see the evil and suf­fer­ing that go on here. But isn’t Heaven sup­posed to be a happy place?

Q: A: — Mrs. G.M.

Yes, the Bi­ble as­sures us that Heaven is a place of ab­so­lute hap­pi­ness and joy and peace — far greater than any­thing we’ll ever ex­pe­ri­ence right now.

The Bi­ble doesn’t an­swer all our ques­tions about Heaven — but it does in­di­cate that those who have al­ready en­tered Heaven may be aware of events on earth. The book of He­brews, for ex­am­ple, pic­tures life as a great arena, with those who have gone be­fore us cheer­ing us on in our daily spir­i­tual strug­gles (see He­brews 12:1). Once when Je­sus’ ap­pear­ance was changed and his heav­enly glory shone through, Moses and Eli­jah spoke with him about events on the earth (see Luke 9:30-31).

Does this mean peo­ple in Heaven are sad when evil seems to be win­ning the day? No, not at all. For one thing, they (un­like us) see the whole pic­ture; they know that even in the midst of life’s heartaches and tri­als, God is still work­ing be­hind the scenes. They also know that Satan is a de­feated foe, and some day all evil will be de­stroyed and Christ will rule in per­fect peace and jus­tice.

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