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“How’s your daugh­ter do­ing in col­lege?” I asked Un­lucky Louie.

“She’s strug­gling with a course in clas­si­cal lit­er­a­ture,” Louie said. “She told me that a lack of knowl­edge about Greek mythol­ogy is her Achilles’ el­bow.” Bridge in­volves tech­ni­cal knowl­edge as well as ex­pe­ri­ence and fo­cus. At to­day’s grand slam, South won the first di­a­mond with the king and took the A-K of trumps. When West dis­carded, de­clarer con­tin­ued with the ace and a third di­a­mond. He would have been safe if di­a­monds had split 3-3 or if East held four, but as it was, East ruffed for down one. HIGH TRUMP South’s tech­nique was lack­ing. He can cash the ace of clubs at Trick Two, then take dummy’s high hearts to pitch his jack of clubs. He ruffs a club with a high trump and gets to dummy with the king and queen of trumps to ruff two more clubs high.

South can then draw the miss­ing trump, go to the ace of di­a­monds to dis­card a di­a­mond on the good fifth club and win the 13th trick with his last high di­a­mond.

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