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COMMERCIALAPPEAL.COM 3A ❚ ❚ Great News for Memphians! I have been placing dental implants for over thirty years, and am thrilled to offer my patients the greatest innovation in implants since Charlie Vergos introduced his great version of Memphis barbecue in a downtown alley in 1948. If you have ever been a dental implant patient, you know the process takes several months. The entire treatment usually requires eight to twelve months total wait time, six to eight appointments, and around $5000 or more total expense. That is a lot of discomfort, time off of work, and money. No more. Biodent Ultratooth is the first dental implant certified by the FDA for immediate placement and loading. That means when you come to my office for treatment, we can extract your problematic tooth, place the implant, install the abutment and place a ceramic crown all in the same day. The process is quick, simple, and much less expensive than the traditional route. Instead of several months of waiting, you only have to wait a few hours for your new crown to be computer designed, milled, and cemented onto your new dental implant. This x-ray is of an Ultratooth (on left) next to other dental implants. The spread out wings of the Ultratooth lock the implant into the bone, providing immediate strength and allowing you to have a crown placed during the same appointment. The pressure on the bone also turns on a reaction within your body to build strong bone around the implant, inside the wings, and even around adjacent teeth. Just so you know I am not spouting the manufacturer’s statistics without firsthand knowledge, I had one of these implants placed in my own mouth to replace an unrestorable molar before I considered ordering the system for patients in my office. I chewed a steak on the tooth that night! Discomfort was minimal...i took a couple lbuprophen that evening and that was it! I can’t guarantee everyone will have the same experience, but many of my patients report minimal post-operative discomfort when we call to check on them the day after treatment. There are many excellent dentists in Memphis, so why would you want to drive all the way to Jonesboro, Arkansas for dental implant or root canal services? Because my office is the only one in the mid-south trained and equipped to offer you one day service with the Ultratooth implant. My office is also one of very few in the region that offer laser endodontic (root canal) treatment. The laser treatment is much more gentle and efficient than conventional services. Whether it is for dental implant treatment and ceramic crown, endodontic (root canal) treatment and ceramic crown, or just a crown on a broken tooth, the short trip to Jonesboro can be the best way to have your total treatment completed in one day. The trip can save you time, money and discomfort. My staff and I look forward to seeing you. By the way, if you happen to be a fan of the Star Wars movies, check out the Laser Star Wars page on my website, The laser root canal treatment system I use is called Photon Induced Photoacoustic Streaming, or PIPS for short. Jimmy Kimmel featured our ad on his television show, calling it the greatest local ad he had ever seen! I hope you enjoy it, too. 2919 BROWNS LANE, JONESBORO, AR 72401 (870) 932-2644 | MC-MCA0002160-01 Paid Advertisement Revolutionary Diaper Alternative Challenges Men with Leaks and Urinary Incontinence to Stay Dry 24/7 Covered by Medicare and available to most for little to no out-of-pocket cost A unique, patented external collection system that is non-invasive and fits most male anatomy. Take back your freedom, mobility, and confidence. Men’s Liberty is a life-changing solution. This patented and proprietary external collection device for men ends dependency on adult diapers, pads and condom catheters — making embarrassing accidents a thing of the past! Death of Diapers? Will this urinary break-through sink the $7 billion adult diaper industry? Many experts think so because there are 5 million men in the US living with incontinence. Adult diapers are bulky, uncomfortable and can cause an oder. Plus they’re expensive! You can pay as much as $300 each month out of pocket. That’s thousands of dollars each year, since diapers are not covered by Medicare. I can keep doing what I want to do, without having to worry about running to the bathroom or changing my clothes. It’s a Godsend. – John in Michigan Dependable - Stay clean, dry, and free from infection. Covered By Medicare and Available To Most For Little to No Out-of-pocket Cost** Until Men’s Liberty, men with urinary incontinence and their caregivers faced only uncomfortable choices. With more than 5 million used, there has never been a confirmed UTI or serious skin injury caused by Men’s Liberty. Men’s Liberty is covered by Medicare and over 3,000 insurance plans. We take care of contacting your doctor and the paperwork for your insurance. If you’re ready to save thousands of dollars a year, get your insurance card and give us a call today. Tucson resident, Sam T., wore them for years. “I remember the continued moisture in my crotch would give me a yeast infection, not a good thing,” he says. Sam wore four or five absorbents during the day, and two or three at night. “All of that went away when I found Men’s Liberty,” he smiles. Comfortable Solution for Urinary Incontinence Men’s Liberty is a device similar to an external catheter, only better — it directs urine away from the skin which drastically reduces the risk of urinary tract infections. CALL TODAY AND RECEIVE A FREE WEEK’S SUPPLY WITH YOUR ORDER!* 1-800-484-4429 or 100% STAY DRY COMMITMENT PROMO CODE: MCA0204 Hablamos Español *30 days supply or more ** Standard co-pays and deductibles apply MC-GCI0136348-01

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