The Commercial Appeal : 2019-02-11

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8A THE COMMERCIAL APPEAL MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2019 ❚ ❚ MONDAY EVENING, FEB. 11 FEB 11 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 The Man with Big Brother: Celeb- Bull “Leave It All” News (N) The Late Show with Late Late WREG Neighbor- a Plan (N) rity Edition (N) Friend on trial. (N) Stephen Colbert Show (N) CBS 3 hood (N) John Oliver. (N) America’s Got Talent “The Champions” Manifest “Hard News (N) (:35) The Tonight (:37) Late WMC The top 12 finalists perform. (N) Landing” James Show Starring Jimmy Night (N) NBC 5 Griffin. (N) Fallon (N) Antiques Roadshow Duty of the Hour Father Brown “The As Time Being (:01) Amanpour and WKNO “Ca’ d’zan” Chedworth Cy- Goes By Served? Company(n) PBS 10 Nakashima table. (N) clone” The Resident “Stupid The Passage “Outrun FOX 13 News 9pm FOX 13 (:35) Ac- TMZ Celebrity (:35) Page WHBQ Things” Valentine’s World” Plan to Nightly news report. News cess (N) Six TV FOX 13 Day. (N) flee. (N) (N) 10pm gossip. Antiques Roadshow Antiques Roadshow Pilchuck, A Dance Amanpour and BBC WMAV “Ca’ d’zan” “Miami Beach” Movie With Fire Glass arts Company (N) World MPB 18 Nakashima table. (N) poster. school. News The Bachelor After the rose ceremony, The Good Doctor Local 24 (:35) Jimmy Kimmel (:37) WATN the remaining women go to Vietnam’s “Tough Titmouse” News at Live Comedic talk Nightline ABC 24 Cam Ranh coast. (N) 10 show. (N) Modern Two and a Two and a CW 30 News at 9 black-ish Arrow “Star City” The Black Lightning WLMT Family Half Men Half Men News and weather. “Church- team tracks a serial “Three: Pillar of CW 30 (N) ed” killer. (N) Fire” (N) The Andy The Andy Gomer WKRP in Hogan’s Hogan’s Carol Perry Mason The Twilight WLMT2 Griffith Griffith Pyle, Cincinnati Heroes Heroes Burnett “Daughter” Blackmailer CW 30.2 Show Show U.S.M.C. killed. Zone Praise Healing Franklin Billy- Greg- Praise Joel Perry WBUY Soul Graham Gra- Osteen Stone (N) TBN 40 Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Criminal Minds WPXX “Rock Creek Park” “Lockdown” Mur- “Breath Play” Killer “Hero Worship” “Scream” Childhood ION 50 Missing wife. dered guards. in Wisconsin. Bomb survivor. abuse. Michael Jackson: Life of an Icon aaa (:01) Studio 54 (2018, Documentary) Ian (:03) MJ: Life of an A&E (2012, Profile) Katherine Jackson. ‘NR’ Schrager. Famed nightclub. ‘NR’ Icon (2012) ‘NR’ (5:00) Jurassic Park Planet Earth: Dynasties (:26) Jurassic Park (1993, Science Fiction) Sam Neill. Living AMC (1993)‘PG-13’ “Painted Wolf” dinosaurs escape captivity. ‘PG-13’ The Last Alaskans The Last Alaskans The Last Alaskans The Last Alaskans The Last Alaskans ANIM “No Man’s Land” “The Hunted” “Winter Coming” “Everything” “The Hunted” Amadeachristmas American Soul American Soul Martin Martin Martin (:28)Martin BET (2013) ‘PG-13’ “Man is First” “Continuous” Man Man Man Man Man Man Marley & Me aaa (2008, Comedy) CMT “Taser” Owen Wilson. Family’s bad dog. ‘PG’ American Greed: American Greed: American Greed: American Greed: American Greed: CNBC Scams Scams Deadly Rich Scams Scams Anderson Cooper Cuomo Prime Time CNN Tonight with CNN Tonight with Anderson Cooper CNN 360° (N) (N) Don Lemon (N) Don Lemon (N) 360° The Of- The Office The Of- The Of- The Of- The Of- Daily The Other South South COMDY fice fice fice fice fice Show(n) Two Park Park The Best The Best Best The Best Good Good Eats: Re- Good The Best The Best COOK Thing Thing Thing (N) Thing Eats Eats loaded Eats Thing Thing Street Outlaws: Street Outlaws “No Prep Kings: Episode American Chopper Street Outlaws “No DISC Full Throttle (N) 25; Episode 26" (N) “Yanks for the” Prep Kings” Andi Sydney to Coop & Bizaardvark BUNK’D BUNK’D Raven’s Raven’s Bizaardvark Bizaardvark DISNEY Mack Max Cam Home Home Maine Cabin Mas- Maine Cabin Mas- Maine Cabin Masters Maine Cabin Mas- Maine Cabin Masters DIY ters ters (N) Family camp. ters Just Go With It aac (2011, Comedy) A. Sandler. Dating: Busy To- Dating: Dating: Dating: E! Man fakes split for lady, due to ring. ‘PG-13’ No (N) night No No No (6:00) College Basket- College Basketball: Kansas Jayhawks at Sportscenter Sportscenter ESPN ball (Live) TCU Horned Frogs (Live) Wom. College Bas- College Basketball: Oklahoma Sooners 30 for 30 “42 to 1" Cornhole League ESPN2 ketball (Live) at Baylor Bears (Live) (Replay) Boxing Matches College Football-clsc Spt: Virginia vs NCAA Basketball: Duke Blue Devils at ESPNCL (Replay) North Carolina (Replay) Virginia Cavaliers (Replay) Tucker Carlson To- Hannity Conserva- The Ingraham An- FOX News @ Night Tucker Carlson Tonight FNC night (N) tive news. (N) gle (N) with Sha (N) Kids Baking Cham- Kids Baking Cham- Winner Cake All (N) Chopped “Sweet Kids Baking Championship FOOD pionship (N) pionship (N) Surprises” (6:00) Big Daddy Role Models aaa (2008, Comedy) The 700 Club Evan Almighty aa FREE aac (1999) ‘PG-13’ Seann William Scott. Mentors. ‘R’ (2007) ‘PG’ Wom. College Basketball: TCU vs Baylor Wom. College Basketball: Louisville vs Red Bull Cliff Diving FSN (Replay) Virginia Tech (Replay) “Cartagena” (6:30) Fight Sports World Class Wom. College Basketball: St. John’s vs Florida Wom. College Basketball FSSE (Taped) Providence (Replay) (Replay) The Amazing Spider-man aaa (2012, Action) Andrew Garfield. The Amazing Spider-man 2 aaa (2014, FX Young man attains super powers. ‘PG-13’ Action) Andrew Garfield. ‘PG-13’ Building Alaska Building Alaska Building Alaska Building Alaska Building Alaska GAC “Honey Bucket” “Keeping Morale” “Home Stretch” “Grand Finale” “Honey Bucket” Happy Gilmore aaa (1996, Comedy) Happy Gilmore aaa (1996, Comedy) Golf Central GOLF Adam Sandler. Tackling golf. ‘PG-13’ Adam Sandler. Tackling golf. ‘PG-13’ Love at First Glance (2017, Drama) Amy Appetite for Love aac (2016, Romance) Golden Golden HALL Smart. Stolen glances. Taylor Cole. Selling diner. ‘NR’ Girls Girls House House Home Town “Doctor House Hunters House International Home Town “Doctor HGTV Hunters Hunters in House” (N) Hunters (N) Hunters in House” American Pickers American Pickers (:03) Pawn Stars (:05) Pawn Stars American Pickers HIST “Picker’s Dozen” “Presidential” (N) “United States” (N) “Pawn Undead” “Presidential” Walker, Texas Walker, Texas Gunsmoke Gunsmoke “Innocence” Gunsmoke “Thede” A INSP Ranger Ranger “Chicken” man to marry. Neighbor City Book Sounds Power of At Your Question Small What’s Health LIB Talk Council Talk Sleep Public Bus. Growin’ Awa Me Before You (2016, Drama) Emilia Clarke. (:33) Steel Magnolias aa (2012, (:01) Me Before You LIFE Woman bonds with disabled employer. ‘PG-13’ Drama) Queen Latifah. (2016) ‘PG-13’ All in with Chris The Rachel Lawrence The 11th Hour with The Rachel MSNBC Hayes (N) Maddow Show (N) O’donnell (N) Brian Williams Maddow Show Teen Mom 2 Teens Teen Mom 2 “Shut- Lindsay Lohan’s Teen Mom 2 Teens Lindsay Lohan’s MTV have kids. ting Down” (N) Beach Club (N) have kids. Beach Club Sponge- Sponge- Alvin and the Chipmunks aa (2007, Friends Friends Friends Friends NICK Bob Bob Comedy) Jason Lee. ‘PG’ Snapped: Killer Snapped: Killer Deadly Cults “Vam- Seduced by Evil “Derek Smiley OXYG Couples Couples (N) pire Clan” Alldred” Face Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops (N) Cops Cops Cops “Ari- Cops “Ari- Cops PARMT “Coast” zona” zona” Wom. College Bas- SEC In- SEC Inside SEC Storied “Miracle SEC Inside SEC In- SEC Storied “Courage SEC ketball (Live) side 3" side Matters” Limitless aaa (2011, Thriller) Bradley Futur- Futur- Futurama Futur- Futur- Futurama SYFY Cooper. Brain capabilities. ‘PG-13’ ama ama ama ama Family Family Family Family American American Conan Drop the Seinfeld Conan TBS Guy Guy Guy Guy Dad! Dad! (N) Mic Naughty Marietta aac (1935, Musical) San Francisco aaac (1936, Drama) On the Town (1949) TCM Jeanette Macdonald. A new life. ‘NR’ Clark Gable. Feuding love. ‘NR’ Gene Kelly. ‘NR’ Counting On Counting On “Love (:01) Our Twinsane (:01) Little People, Big Counting On TLC “Countdown” (N) Is in Air” (N) Wedding (N) World “Countdown” (5:30)Suicidesquad I Am the Night (:05)Iamthenight Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice TNT (2016) ‘PG-13’ “Dark Flower” (N) “Dark Flower” (2016, Action) Ben Affleck. ‘PG-13’ (:15) Adv. (:45) Adv. American American Bob’s Bob’s Family Family Rick and Robot TOON Time Time Dad! Dad! Burgers Burgers Guy Guy Morty Chicken America Unearthed “Medieval Desert” Lost Gold “Silver Josh Gates’ Desti- Lost Gold “Silver TRAVEL Burial site in Arizona mountains. Mine” (N) nation Truth Mine” Impracti- Impracti- Impracti- Impracti- Those Jon Inside Inside Inside Inside TRUTV cal Jkr cal Jkr cal Jkr cal Jkr Who (N) Glaser (N) Jokes Jokes Jokes Jokes WILL HENRY Loves Loves Loves Loves Men Men Queens Queens Queens Queens TVLAND Ray. Ray. Ray. Ray. “Quickie” Fatal Attraction Fatal Attraction (N) For My Man “Bound Fatal Attraction For My Man “Bo und TVONE “Old Habits Die” by Blood” (N) “Driven Revenge” by Blood” WWE Monday Night Raw (Live) Modern Modern Modern Modern USA Family Family Family Family Love & Hip Hop (N) Love & Hip Hop Miami (:01) Cartel Crew (N) Love & Hip Hop “Why Love & Hip Hop Miami VH1 “Me Too” (N) You Trippin” “Me Too” Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Criminal Minds “3rd WE “Lucky” “Penelope” “True Night” “Birthright” Life” M*A*S*H M*A*S*H M*A*S*H M*A*S*H M*A*S*H M*A*S*H M*A*S*H M*A*S*H Married Married WGNA ... ... Collateral aaac (2004, Drama) Tom True Detective A Perfect Getaway aaa (:40) High Cruise. Cabbie becomes hostage of busy “Hunters Dark” The (2009, Thriller) Steve Zahn. Maintenance HBO hitman. ‘R’ book release. Killer seeks hikers. ‘R’ BRIAN CRANE Strike (:50) Kiss of Death aac (1995, Thriller) David (:35) Legend aaa (2015, Crime) Tom Hardy. Black Back Caruso. An ex-con becomes the D.A.’S infor- Twin brothers go on crime sprees. ‘R’ Widow MAX mant. ‘R’ (1987) ‘R’ The Circus: Pulp Fiction Black SMILF Black Shameless “LOS Shameless “LOS SMILF “Surrogate” Inside Monday Monday DIABLOS!” Frank DIABLOS!” Frank “Surrogate” SHO (1994) ‘R’ “339" “339" meets match. meets match. (:03)Counterpart Scotty and the Secret History (:41)Counterpart“you (:38)Roughnightaac(2017, “You to You” of Hollywood aac (2018, to You” Comedy) Scarlett Johansson. STARZ Documentary) Peter Bart. Bachelorette party. ‘R’ The Other Guys Power “Time’s Up” (:01) Power “Ghost Is (:01) Warriors of Lib- (:59) Superfly aa (2010, Comedy) Will Tommy is threatened Dead” Murders concern. erty City “We Are (2018, Action) Trevor STARZB Ferrell. ‘PG-13’ with prison. Kings” Jackson. ‘R’ Ghost in the Shell aaa (2017, Action) Artificial Intelligence: A.I. aaa (2001, Science Equilibrium Scarlett Johansson. Woman becomes Fiction) Haley Joel Osment. A robot wants to be a TMC perfect soldier. ‘PG-13’ (2002) ‘R’ real boy. ‘PG-13’

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