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Bible is much more than a book of history of the world

- FROM THE WRITINGS OF THE REV. BILLY GRAHAM This column is based on the words and writings of the late Rev. Billy Graham.

Q: Isn’t the Bible really just a book of history of the world, and a biography of God and his claims?

— T.T.

A: When we approach the Bible as history and biography, we approach the Bible in the wrong spirit. Those who read the Scriptures as magnificen­t literature and breathtaki­ng poetry but overlook the story of salvation miss the Bible’s real meaning and message. We must read and study the Bible, not primarily as historians, but as men and women seeking God.

The Old Testament predicted Christ’s birth, death, and resurrecti­on, and the New Testament documents the fulfillmen­t of these prophecies, yet many people reject its truth. God has revealed Himself in the pages of Scripture, yet the truth about God, his son, and the holy spirit are often debated and disbelieve­d.

While the Bible is much more than a book of history, it’s interestin­g to go back through the centuries and consider what others have said about Jesus. Skeptics claim that the Scriptures are not believable, yet testimonie­s about Jesus’ life and resurrecti­on come from historians, philosophe­rs, scientists, churchmen, and yes, even atheists. Evidence is substantia­ted in scrolls of antiquity, quill-stained parchments, and modern communicat­ions. But the most compelling evidence is seen in those whose lives have been transforme­d by Christ! This is the greatest of all miracles.

God gave the books of the Bible to us because he wants us to know him and to love and serve him. Most of all, he gave us his Word so that we can become more like Christ. The Bible is trustworth­y because it points man to the most important events in human history: the life, death, and resurrecti­on of Jesus Christ.

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