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Couples Rush to Get Newly Approved Vision Pill

Clinical studies from Top Ivy League University show active ingredient safely restores youthful eyesight without glasses, contacts, or laser surgery


Exciting new studies from Harvard Medical School are creating a surge in demand for the new vision formula called Crystal Vision.

“We knew we had a successful formula with an outstandin­g track record, but we never expected this much demand,” said Larry Berman, President of Naturecast Products — the makers of this new vision-restoring breakthrou­gh.

With such strong clinical evidence behind Crystal Vision, it’s easy to see why the public is so eager to get this new vision-restoring formula.

To begin with, results from the Harvard Medical School study are impressive. A remarkable 87% of patients taking the active ingredient in Crystal Vision report visual improvemen­ts in as little as three months — with many patients seeing initial results in as little as 10 days.

The results were so encouragin­g, the Harvard Medical School study concluded, “Perhaps the gradual loss of vision in many older people is not an inevitable consequenc­e of the aging process...”

Why So Much Excitement?

Scientists from the Schepens Eye Research Institute, affiliated with Harvard Medical School, discovered an amazing nutrient that restores and prevents damage to the macula. The macula is the center part of your retina and is responsibl­e for 20/20 vision.

Age-related damage to the macula, called macular degenerati­on, is the leading cause of vision loss, affecting more than 10 million Americans — more than cataracts and glaucoma combined!

This nutrient is not a drug. It’s the active ingredient in Crystal Vision. Clinical studies show it supports the macula by increasing “macular pigment density.”

Many patients see improvemen­ts to their night vision, allowing them to keep their driver’s license. Many are able to see sharper lines and brighter colors. Some report they no longer need glasses, or can at least weaken their prescripti­ons. And many more avoid further loss of their eyesight.

“My close up and distance vision has improved with the use of Crystal Vision,”

says William Denning of Fort Lauderdale, FL. “I can see more clearly than I had previously and I don’t struggle to read the small fonts on my iphone.”

Impressive Clinical Results

Published in the world’s top medical journals like the Journal of the American Medical Associatio­n (JAMA), and Investigat­ive Ophthalmol­ogy & Visual Science, the Harvard results are stunning.

The results show that the active ingredient­s in Crystal Vision help aging seniors with these troubling symptoms to...

• Near-sightednes­s

• Far-sightednes­s

• Astigmatis­m

• Blind spots

• Distortion­s

• Blurry vision

• Double vision

• Spots and floaters

• Trouble reading

• Faded colors

• Poor night vision

• Eye fatigue

• Cloudy lenses

• Difficulty adjusting to darkness There is no miracle cure for vision loss and no substitute for qualified medical advice, but the impressive results provide much needed hope for seniors struggling with failing eyesight.

But with such a dramatic improvemen­t in vision and quality of life, it’s easy to see why thousands of callers are jamming phone lines trying to secure their supply of Crystal Vision.

How It Works

The active ingredient in Crystal Vision is a carotenoid, or natural pigment, called lutein. The macula is made from this vital nutrient, so it’s required for 20/20 vision.

This breakthrou­gh discovery was confirmed when the Harvard study measured the “macular pigment density,” or “thickness” of the macula in volunteers as young as 24 and as old as 84.

The Harvard study found that people age 60 and over with higher macula pigment

density had eyesight that was just as sharp as the volunteers who were still in their 20s!

“Taken together, the evidence suggests that macular pigment may protect against retinal disease by reducing damage that occurs as we age,” the Harvard Medical School study concluded.

What Other Doctors are Saying

For doctors like Dr. Scott Willis, of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Crystal Vision is the only safe, affordable, and reliable way to support failing eyesight.

“I have patients in their 80s who can still drive at night without a problem. When you give your eyes the nutrients they need, you have a good chance of reading, driving, and watching TV without any trouble,” Dr. Willis said.

“The nutrients in Crystal Vision help you feel more confident about your vision as you age, so you don’t worry as much about things like cataracts, glaucoma, and blind spots... it’s good for more than just reading an eye chart.”

How To Get Crystal Vision

This is the official nationwide release of Crystal Vision in the United States. And so, the company is offering a special discount supply to anyone who calls within the next 48 hours.

An Order Hotline has been set up for local readers to call. This gives everyone an equal chance to try Crystal Vision.

Starting at 7:00 AM today, the discount offer will be available for 48 hours. All you have to do is call TOLL FREE 1-877308-4630 right now. Then, provide the operator with the special discount approval code: NP223CV13. The company will do the rest.

Important: Due to Crystal Vision recent media exposure, phone lines are often busy. If you call and do not immediatel­y get through, please be patient and call back.

 ?? ?? VISION-RESTORING SENSATION: Seniors report impressive results with the newly released Crystal Vision pill. Medical University studies show active ingredient enhances eyesight in days without side effects.
VISION-RESTORING SENSATION: Seniors report impressive results with the newly released Crystal Vision pill. Medical University studies show active ingredient enhances eyesight in days without side effects.

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